Description of I-Test in Bangladesh:

I-Test in Bangladesh
I-Test in Bangladesh

I-Test initiates testing automatically when the Gas-Pro or T4 are inserted; no button clicks are necessary. Less than a minute passes during a bump test. The test verifies that the filters are clear and functional and that the sensors are reacting to a given amount of gas. The user will have complete assurance that they are compliant for site use as it will also guarantee that the visual and auditory alerts are functioning.

I-Test is simple to use and doesn’t require you to turn on or off the gas. Instead, the demand flow regulator’s design, when combined with the I-Test, will enable the gas to be drawn out automatically at the proper concentration and amount.

In order to ensure complete compliance, I-Test can also identify cylinders that are empty or that have expired.

All bump and calibration results are stored by I-Test, and the I-Test Manager program allows you to query this data. You can perform exception reporting with this robust program to determine who has performed their bump or calibrations and who hasn’t. Printing customized reports and bump and calibration certificates is another very simple task that you can accomplish using I-Test Manager.


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