Exhibitions - G.A.B Limited – Safety Week

G.A.B Limited

Safety Week

15 December 2022

Gab Ltd recently celebrated Safety Week in their factory, with a variety of activities and initiatives aimed at improving workplace safety. Corporate Station Bangladesh was in attendance and showcased a selection of our safety products.

Safety Week was packed with activities, from informative presentations to fun competitions. Attendees heard from safety experts, learning about the importance of workplace safety and how to maintain a safe working environment.

The highlight of the week was the showcase from Corporate Station Bangladesh, which featured a range of safety products. From protective clothing to PPE equipment, the team from Corporate Station Bangladesh had something for everyone. Attendees were able to see the products first hand, and learn more about how they can help to protect workers in their own workplaces.

The response to the safety products was overwhelmingly positive, with many attendees taking the opportunity to ask questions and find out more. All of the products were designed with safety in mind, helping to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace.

The Safety Week event at Gab Ltd was a great success, and Corporate Station Bangladesh were proud to be part of it. It’s clear that workplace safety is an issue that is taken seriously by both Gab Ltd and Corporate Station Bangladesh, and that both companies are committed to helping ensure that.