Tailor-Made Fall Arrest Systems

Our in-house technicians and engineers work on your projects and provide bespoke fall arrest systems according to your needs.
Using the best softwares, we design tailor-made safety systems and draw calculation notes, drawings…
to suit the architectural constraints you may have, your requirements and use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


To work safely on trucks, we design tailor-made gates equipped with a fall protection rail system.
Suitable to all types of configurations and coated upon request, these are the optimum solution to do the maintenance or load and unload trucks.

Bridge cranes

To properly secure overhead cranes, VERTIC provides user-friendly, reliable and discrete fall protection solutions, which offer maximum safety to the worker and do not hampered their productivity.

You have safety at height issues or complex structures to secure?
Do not hesitate to contact our engineers!