Exhibitions - Nestle Bangladesh Ltd – Safety Week

Nestle Bangladesh Ltd

Safety Week
27 December 2022

Nestle Bangladesh Ltd. recently held a safety week in their factory, where they invited corporate station Bangladesh to showcase our safety products. The event provided an opportunity to learn more about the importance of safety in the workplace and how to best utilize safety products.

The event featured an array of safety products from Corporate Station Bangladesh, including fire PPE, Environmental protection products, Fall safety and etc. Representatives from Corporate Station provided advice on the best ways to use the products, as well as how to ensure the safety of workers in the factory.

The safety week also included educational seminars and workshops, which focused on topics such as workplace safety, fire safety, and hazard identification. These seminars gave employees the opportunity to learn more about workplace safety and how to protect themselves and their co-workers in the event of an emergency.

Overall, the safety week was a great success. It provided Nestle Bangladesh Ltd. with an opportunity to educate their employees about the importance of workplace safety and to showcase the safety products provided by Corporate Station Bangladesh. We look forward to participating in future safety weeks and providing the same level of service and expertise to other companies.