Emergency Safety Shower in Bangladesh

The human body is much sensitive to undergo the reaction of chemicals. That is why people who work with chemicals like – laboratory, pharmaceutical, power plant, and fireplace or in many more are at high risk of health hazard. To save or ensure people’s health from the damage of chemical reaction Corporate Station Bangladesh has introduced Safety Shower Bangladesh. Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of Safety Shower in Bangladesh.

Corporate Station Bangladesh has brought Safety Shower Bangladesh which helps to save sight and skin and alleviate suffering at workplaces in the event of a chemical splash. Safety Shower is used only to serve supplement first aid treatment. In the workplace, if any risky chemical fall in eye or body Safety Shower is a must for ensuring the safety.


Product Specification:

Product name: Safety Shower

Brand: Unicare

Model: LESS8 GI

Made: India

Listed: UL (safety organization)

Certification: CE certified (Certificate for Europe)



  • With pull rod and push, lever Safety Shower and Eyewash operate independently
  • Complete GI body
  • Best quality materials are used to make it
  • High-quality ABS for Atomizer Head and Reception Bowl to control save water and reduce energy cost
  • Yellow color for High Visibility Atomizer Head and Receptor.
  • Protective flip-flop dust covers to prevent from dust.
  • Protect from alkalies, salt solutions, oils, and most acids.
  • Working with minimum 2 KG or 30 PSI water pressure
  • Safe steady water flow 1/2 ” BPS supply


How to use:

After the occurrence of the accident drenching or flush the affected area for minimum 15 minutes. If the wearing clothes also defiled then remove it while under the shower. The Safety Shower BD must be located in the nearest place of working places. The first few seconds are very important so do not hesitate to use the safety shower and eyewash. After the chemical exposure contact with emergency assistance and should continue the flushing repeatedly. Also should be careful not to use a lab or drench hoses and never rely on sink faucets. If needed outdoor washes are also encouraged to use. The Safety Shower Bangladesh should not be used for any other purposes.


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