Description of Rainguard Header Seal in Bangladesh :

Rainguard Header Seal in Bangladesh
Rainguard Header Seal in Bangladesh

Even the best dock seals and shelters can’t always seal trailer tops completely. Ordinary head pads and head curtains have limitations that leave gaps in your environmental seal, allowing rain and contaminants to enter your facility and expensive energy to escape.

The RainGuard trailer top seal uses a weighted, cylindrical foam sealing member that provides 100 lbs. (45 kg) of constant pressure to maintain consistent contact with the trailer as it bounces up and down during loading and unloading. This provides an extremely tight seal across the top of a trailer to minimize water from reaching the dock and forms a barrier against light, dust, bugs, and wind. Protect product from damage or contamination. Eliminate wet, slippery conditions on the dock. Increase employee comfort and productivity.


  • Protect product from damage or contamination.
  • Eliminate wet, slippery conditions on the dock.
  • Increase employee comfort and productivity.
  • Weighted, cylindrical sealing member provides consistent, uniform pressure across full width of trailer top, diverting water off sides.
  • 15″ (381mm) coverage range seals trailers 12’3″ (3735mm) – 13’6″ (4115mm) off grade.
  • Rugged Neotec™ front plates take thousands of impacts.
  • Flexible, articulating front sweep action allows sealing of taller trailers without damage.
  • Exclusive pivoting canopy header helps prevent frame and seal damage if trailers come in higher than expected.
  • Easy to install and no required maintenance.
  • Retrofits virtually any existing seal or shelter.

Use Rainguard RG 3000 Header Seals in Bangladesh to shield your property from the weather. Superior water resistance is provided by our quality header seals, guaranteeing a dry and safe atmosphere with Rainguard Header Seal in Bangladesh. Examine the dependable option for comfort and weatherproofing with Corporate Station Bangladesh.

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