Robust, reliable and easy to operate. The G8300 Dock Leveller is designed to make loading and unloading safe and efficient. Rite-Hite  Dock Levellers are designed and build to last, even in the roughest applications and environments. They convince through their sturdy platform construction with beam spacing made of rolled steal for extra stability and safety.

Description of Dock Leveler With Safe-T-Lip In Bangladesh

Dock Leveler With Safe-T-Lip In Bangladesh
Dock Leveler With Safe-T-Lip In Bangladesh


The G8300 leveller includes Rite-Hite‘s innovative Dock Leveler With Safe-T-Lip In Bangladesh ,which provides full-time protection against fork-lift trucks falling off a vacant loading dock.

Versatile interlock capability

  • Easy to combine with our broad range of doors, vehicle restraints, safety barriers and other safety products to ensure a reliable full-time protection for your employees at the loading dock.

High hydraulic reliability

  • Two hydraulic cylinders for the positioning of the platform and one for the positioning of the lip ensure high reliability and low maintenance.

Customizable controls

  • Modules can be customized to meet your individual operating requirements, for example to integrate doors and vehicle restraint systems into your control processes.

Sturdy platform construction

  • Structural design incorporates no more than 210 mm of beam spacing under the deck to accommodate 3-wheel and 4-wheel forklift traffic.

Various frame options

  • Including curb angle frames for precasted pit frames and flat steel frames for replacement levellers. Also available as dock box model.

Safe-T-Lip barrier (130 mm)

  • Designed to stop a 45 kN fork-lift truck travelling at 5 km/h. The barrier is automatically positioned when returned to the stored position after completion of the loading operation.

Exclusive safety features

  • Integral maintenance strut supports the platform and lip for easy service access and protects personnel during clean out and inspection.
  • Built-in velocity fuse prevents platform from free-falling in case of a hydraulic pressure loss.


Dock Leveler With Safe-T-Lip In Bangladesh may be purchased in Bangladesh from Corporate Station Bangladesh, a reputable vendor. With our premium solutions, you can improve your cargo handling skills and guarantee safe, effective loading and unloading procedures for your company.

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