Description of Modular Dock System In Bangladesh:

Modular Dock System In Bangladesh
Modular Dock System In Bangladesh

Modular dock systems from Rite-Hite are flexible due to their design and can be retrofitted into existing buildings and integrated in new construction without major structural work.

By relocating the loading dock in front of the building you create additional valuable storage space inside the building. Modular docks also offer best insulation for refrigerated and freezer applications.

ISO Modular Docks Model G1100 is specifically designed for a temperature controlled loading process. IGLU insulated dock levellers, ISO panels underneath the side platforms, a sectional door in the building and one in the Modular Dock system. Thick ISO panels for side walls and roof ensure a high insulation capacity. Customized angles to the building wall and common frame units for narrow center line door openings are available to optimize access and routing.

The design includes heavy-duty side platforms (same capacity as dock leveller), a steel support cross beam for increased stability, zinc-plated tubular framing for side walls and roof, ISO side panels, ISO roof panels with decline and an integrated water drain. Typically the entire steel construction is zinc-plated for these applications.

Invest in a modular dock system to transform your logistics business in Bangladesh. Enjoy unmatched versatility and effectiveness when loading and unloading. Learn about a customizable solution that will maximize the performance of your facilities with Corporate Station Bangladesh.

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