Description of Semi Electric Drum Handling Equipment In Bangladesh:

Semi Electric Drum Handling Equipment In Bangladesh
Semi Electric Drum Handling Equipment In Bangladesh

The effective handling of goods is essential to sustaining productivity and safety standards in Bangladesh’s ever-changing industries and logistics environment.

Semi Electric Drum Handling Equipment In Bangladesh is a critical part of this operation, and semi-electric drum handling equipment has made it much easier to accomplish this duty.

Managing Drums Can Be Difficult:

Across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, chemicals, and logistics, handling huge drums, frequently containing precious or hazardous materials, has long been a difficult undertaking. Conventional manual techniques are not only physically taxing but also very dangerous for both the workers and the integrity of the goods being moved. Semi-electric drum handling machinery can help to transform the process in this situation.


  • High quality hydraulic power unit and maintenance-free battery.
  • Two-stage vertical-Lift drum pourers make max lifting height to 2300mm.
  • Combined Eagle-grip and Anchorear structure, drums can electric rotate 180°.
  • Anchorear is for steel drums & plastic drums; Eagle-grip structure for steel drums.

Benefits of Equipment for Semi Electric Drum Handling Equipment In Bangladesh:

1.Efficiency: The time and effort needed to move and place large drums is greatly decreased by the efficient design of these specialist machines, which simplify drum handling procedures.

2.Safety: Semi-electric drum handling equipment has built-in safety mechanisms that reduce the possibility of accidents, protecting both the contents and the workers’ well-being.

3.Flexibility: Capable of accommodating an extensive array of drum dimensions and kinds, these devices are adaptive to the varied requirements of Bangladesh’s industrial sectors.

4.Precision: Drums can be placed precisely and smoothly, even in small locations, thanks to the exact control that semi-electric equipment offers.

5.Productivity: By eliminating the need for physical labor and cutting down on the amount of time required for drum handling chores, these devices improve industrial processes’ total productivity.

Corporate Station: One of the Top Providers

One of the nation’s leading suppliers of semi-electric drum handling machinery is Corporate Station Bangladesh. They are a reliable partner for many sectors because of their dedication to quality and innovation. This is why they are unique:

Product Selection: To meet the varied requirements of companies all over Bangladesh, Corporate Station Bangladesh provides an extensive selection of semi-electric drum handling machinery.

Assurance of Quality: Every product offered by Corporate Station Bangladesh is subjected to stringent testing procedures and meets international quality standards to guarantee dependability and longevity.

Technical expertise: They provide technical support and training to ensure that clients get the most out of their equipment. They have a team of experienced individuals in this regard.

In Conclusion: 

These Semi Electric Drum Handling Equipment In Bangladesh are essential tools for companies in a variety of industries because they are efficient, safe, and adaptable. The nation’s industries may continue to enhance their material handling operations because to Corporate Station Bangladesh’s dedication to providing high-quality solutions, which will ultimately push productivity and safety to all-time highs.

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Model YL450
Load capacity kg 450
Net weight kg 343
Wheel Dimension mm Φ80*55/Φ150*50
Inner/Outer Width of Front Leg mm 630/810
Outline Dimension mm 1600*950*1920
Turning Radius mm 1620
Pump Unit Power kw/h 1.5
Battery Ah/V 120/12
Lifting Height mm 2300
Lifting Speed mm/s 120


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