Curving Boom loading & Unloading Truck

Model: GL-0121
Load capacity: 500kg
Frame outer width:  850mm
Inner leg width: 700mm
Lifting height:  1350/customized mm
Suitable for oil drums
gallon steel/plastic
Rear Wheel:  160*50mm
Front Wheel: 160*50mm
Lifting motor power:  0.8kw
Battery voltage / rated capacity:  24/20V/Ah
Net weight: 148kg
Single charge time: 4hour
Lifting Times Under Full Power: 165times
Package size: 1600*660*450mm

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Description Curving Boom loading & Unloading Truck In Bangladesh:

  • Loading and unloading various barreled items, the height of the eagle beak can be adjusted freely, suitable for various large and small barrels, steel oil drums and plastic oil drums.
  • Electric lifing,button operation is simple and convenient, both men and women can easily operate, barreled goods handling, stacking and loading are preferred.
  • The large wheel design is not restricted by uneven ground, adapts to multiple work scenarios, and the fixture is firm and durable.


Model GL-0121
Load capacity kg 500
Frame outer width mm 850
Inner leg width mm 700
Lifting height mm 1350/customized
Suitable for oil drums gallon steel/plastic
Rear Wheel mm 160*50
Front Wheel mm 160*50
Lifting motor power kw 0.8
Battery voltage / rated capacity V/Ah 24/20
Net weight kg 148
Single charge time hour 4
Lifting Times Under Full Power times 165
Package size mm 1600*660*450


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