Adjustable Gallonage Nozzle

Frontier 1.75″ Selectable Gallonage
Selectable flow at a pressure
Flow does not change with the pattern
Slide valve control
High strength aluminum construction with Nituff™ finish (50 Microns of PTEF impregnated hard-coated finish)
1/4 turn for quick change from straight stream to fog
Integrated stainless steel stream shaper to enhance performance
Combination of fog and straight stream
Superb wide fog pattern for optimum personal protection
Flush without changing pattern or shutting down
Standard optimum operating pressure 7 bar
Excellent performance at pressure of as low as 3.5 bar
Conforms to all aspects of NFPA 1964, 2008 edition
5.5lbs. (2.5kg)
11.3″ (287mm)
Part #590001403 1.75″ (44mm) nozzle with pistol grip shut-off, 1.5″ (38mm) NPSH, 30-60-95-125-150 gpm (115-230-360-475-550 lpm) at 100 psi (7 bar)

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Automatic nozzles are very similar in principle to pressure relief valves and, in fact, the automatic nozzle is sometimes referred to as a constant-pressure nozzle. With a pressure relief valve, once the water pressure exceeds the selected pressure, it opens up just enough to relieve this excess pressure by discharging water through the valve. If the water pressure behind the valve increases, the discharge opening increases in a corresponding manner, discharging even more water. As a result, a constant pressure is maintained. For example, imagine a spring pushing a ball against the opening of a pipe. Now, if the water pressure in the pipe is 50 psi and the spring applies a constant pressure of 100 psi against the ball, the ball will be firmly seated against the opening of the pipe, and it will not discharge any water. If the water pressure in the pipe is increased, the ball will remain seated against the opening of the pipe until the pressure exceeds 100 psi. At this point, the water pressure will compress the spring and the ball and will be pushed away from the pipe, which will discharge just enough water to maintain 100 psi in the pipe. If the water pressure in the pipe falls below 100 psi, the ball will once again become seated and stop the water from discharging. Corporate Station Bangladesh is the supplier of Adjustable Gallonage Nozzle.

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