Description Full-Electric Scissor Lift Work Platform In Bangladesh:

Full-Electric Scissor Lift Work Platform In Bangladesh

Full-Electric Scissor Lift Work Platform In Bangladesh


Entire Electric Scissor Lift Work Platforms in Bangladesh: Transforming Access

The ever-changing industrial environment of Bangladesh has led to a steady rise in the demand for eco-friendly and effective solutions for elevated work platforms. Corporate Station Bangladesh has become a prominent provider of cutting-edge full electric scissor lift work platforms, redefining accessibility across a range of industries, with a focus on productivity and sustainability.

Characteristics and Advantages:

Zero Emissions: Corporate Station Bangladesh provides Full-Electric Scissor Lift Work Platform In Bangladesh that run solely on electricity, eliminating any emissions and promoting a healthier and cleaner workplace compared to traditional diesel-powered lifts. This environmentally friendly strategy lowers Bangladesh’s industrial enterprises’ carbon footprint while also supporting global sustainability goals.

Silent Operation: Because Full-Electric Scissor Lift Work Platform In Bangladesh generate very little noise when in use, they are perfect for inside spaces and noise-sensitive locations including factories, warehouses, and commercial buildings. This function reduces disturbances to neighboring activity and improves worker comfort.

Versatility: Corporate Station Bangladesh’s Full-Electric Scissor Lift Work Platform In Bangladesh are available in a wide range of types and configurations to suit a variety of industries and purposes. These platforms offer adaptable ways to safely and effectively reach heights for maintenance, installation, or building activities.

Enhanced Safety: Full-Electric Scissor Lift Work Platform In Bangladesh prioritize operator safety without sacrificing productivity. They are outfitted with cutting-edge safety features like emergency lowering capability, non-marking tires, and easy controls. Furthermore, even at high altitudes, secure working conditions are guaranteed by their robust and solid architecture.

Cost-Effective Operation: Electric scissor lifts provide long-term cost savings for enterprises in Bangladesh by doing away with the demand for diesel fuel and lowering maintenance costs linked with traditional lifts. Their reduced downtime and energy-efficient operation boost operational effectiveness and financial sustainability.


Corporate Station Bangladesh’s electric scissor lifts are used in a wide range of industries, from building and infrastructure development to warehouse operations and facility maintenance. Lighting, HVAC, and electrical fixture installation and maintenance.
Order picking and inventory management are included in warehousing and logistics operations.
undertakings include painting, plastering, and maintaining façades.
Stage design, venue decoration, and event management.
upkeep of escalators, elevators, and tall structures.

In conclusion, corporate station Bangladesh’s installation of Full-Electric Scissor Lift Work Platform In Bangladesh represents a critical turning point in Bangladesh’s industrial development. Through the prioritization of safety, sustainability, and efficiency, these inventive solutions enable organizations to achieve new levels of operation while also making a positive impact on the environment. Advancements in state-of-the-art technologies such as electric scissor lifts have the potential to propel economic growth and development throughout Bangladesh’s industry.


Max. Platform Height mm 6000 8000
Max. Machine Height mm 7100 9100
Min. Platform Height mm 1080 1200
Ground Clearance mm 20 20
Lift Rated Capacity kg 300 300
Platform Extend Capacity kg 100 100
Platform Size mm 1880X900 1880X900
Platform Extend Length mm 900 900
Min.turning Radius mm 2000 2000
Driving Wheel Size mm Φ305X100 Φ305X100
Directional wheel size in Φ305X100 Φ305X100
Driving Motor V/kw 2X24/0.5 2X24/0.5
Lifting Motor V/kw 24/2.2 24/2.2
Battery V/Ah 2X12/150 2X12/150
Charger V/A 24/15 24/15
Pothole Protection System Mechanical control
Overall Length mm 2050 2050
Overall Width mm 900 900
Overall Height mm 2150 2270
Overall Net Weight kg 1500 1700


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