Desktop Faucet Emergency Eyewash Station

Product Introduction:

  • Model:WG7013
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Features and Advantages:

This product comes with a faucet, which can be installed on the interface of a conventional faucet.

When using the eyewash function, just turn on the faucet switch, and clean water is automatically sprayed from the eyewash nozzle. The control valve body has a button for switching between eyewash and handwashing, which can be freely switched between the faucet and the eyewash. The eyewash nozzle has a built-in double-layer filter to filter impurities in the water, and uses the principle of slow pressure to make the water flow into a foamy water column, effectively preventing impurities in the water or secondary damage to the injured eye nerves and injured parts due to excessive water flow. The sprinkler is equipped with a dust cover, which can be automatically opened with the flow of water during use. Note that the dust cover must be reset after use.


Name Main material Flow speed


Water inlet size Product dimensions


Package dimensions


Desktop faucet emergency eyewash station Thickened copper electroplating ≥ 11.4 G1/2 internal thread 15×15×20 24×24×16 WG7013


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