Spill Kits in Cart(Universal)
Model No:SYK560
Spill Capacity:(48-56)Gal/(181-212)L

Accreditation And Standards:


At the production and construction sites, the occurrence of leaks is unavoidable, and even if you are more and more careful, there will be accidental dangers. Especially for liquid goods that are easily polluted or of high value (like chemical storage tanks, oil drums, etc.), we must take adequate precautions for prevention and treatment in advance. If the treatment is not timely or improper after the leakage occurs, it will affect the cleanliness of the working environment, may cause safety accidents such as falls, and cause pollution to the working environment. If dangerous chemical liquids flow into the sewer, it will seriously endanger people’s lives.
1. The product is made of high-quality high-strength galvanized steel sheet by integral welding. The surface epoxy resin powder is electrostatically sprayed, which is fireproof, anti-corrosive, reliable in strength and durable.
2. The product can carry up to 64 gallons of all kinds of adsorbent material to solve the problem of abnormal leakage at site.
3. The yellow of the product is very eye-catching and can be easily found when it is most needed.
4. The product is equipped with 4 universal casters, of which 2 with brake function and 2 without brake function. The trolley can be easily pushed to any position at site and parked at a fixed point for convenient use.
5. The main body of the product is two independent storage chambers, and the lower storage chamber is used for spare items, and the upper storage chamber is a separate space with a lid that can be opened and closed. The shaft can be placed in the space after passing through the lap, and the roll paper can be taken out from the flat pore of the cover, which is very convenient to use.
6. A handle is installed to the side of the product for easy pushing of the trolley.
7. The magnetic opening method is convenient for customers to access quickly
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