Description DT35 Drum Loader in Bangladesh 

DT35 DRUM Loader: Revolutionizing Material Handling in Bangladesh

In the rapid industrial scene of Bangladesh, dependability and efficiency are fundamental. Corporate Station Bangladesh becomes a dedicated provider in response to the growing need for sophisticated material handling solutions and introduces the ground-breaking DT35 Drum Loader in Bangladesh.

Material handling technology has undergone a paradigm leap with the introduction of the DT35 DRUM Loader. This inventive loader, which is outfitted with cutting-edge features specifically crafted to address the distinct obstacles encountered by Bangladeshi industries, is designed to optimize workflow and augment efficiency.

Features :

Sturdy structure: The DT35 DRUM Loader has a sturdy structure that guarantees life and durability. It is designed to handle harsh industrial settings.

Versatility: The DT35 DRUM Loader’s unmatched versatility, whether handling barrels, drums, or other cylindrical containers, makes it appropriate for a broad range of applications across several industries.

Efficiency: The DT35 Drum Loader in Bangladesh optimizes operating efficiency and minimizes downtime by drastically reducing loading and unloading times thanks to its sophisticated loading mechanism and ergonomic design.

Protection: The DT35 DRUM Loader is outfitted with cutting-edge safety features, such as anti-slip surfaces, emergency stop buttons, and overload prevention systems, because it places a high priority on the safety of both personnel and cargo.

Ease of Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free maintenance, the DT35 DRUM Loader simplifies servicing and upkeep, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal disruption to operations.

Corporate Station Bangladesh: A Reliable Supplier:

Corporate Station Bangladesh has established a reputable standing as a dependable supplier of industrial solutions. As the sole distributor of the DT35 DRUM Loader in the area, Corporate Station Bangladesh is dedicated to providing top-notch goods and first-rate customer support.

Customer Testimonial :

“Our operations’ productivity and efficiency have significantly increased since implementing the DT35 DRUM Loader. Because of its sturdy build and intuitive design, it is a priceless addition to our institution”

-Berber Becker Bangladesh Ltd


Ultimately, the launch of the DT35 Drum Loader in Bangladesh by Corporate Station Bangladesh represents an important turning point in the development of material handling technology in Bangladesh. With its cutting-edge features, unmatched adaptability, and dedication to quality, the DT35 DRUM Loader is set to completely transform the way Bangladeshi businesses meet their material handling requirements, opening the door to more success, production, and efficiency.



Model DT35A DT35B DT35C
Capacity kg 350 350 350
Drum size 55 gallon steel 55 gallon steel / 210L plastic 55 gallon steel / 210L plastic
Lifting height mm 250 250 250
Leg width mm 640 1000 640
Wheel size mm Φ180*Φ125 Φ125*Φ125 Φ180*Φ125
Overall size mm 850*790*1150 855*1135*1185 840*790*1150
Net Weight kg 35-36 45 39

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