Swatch CUTTER is accurate & convenient equipment for the zigzag cutting of Patterns,
apparel, dress, curtains, upholstery, household textiles, samples in multiple layers to a depth
of 20 mm (2 cm) and width of 400 mm (16”).

Cutting Width: 400 mm
Cutting Height: 15 – 20 mm
The dimension of the cutting pad: 400 x 400 mm (2 mm)
Graduated Scale: 32 cm on left side & 27
cm on the right side from the “0” position (cut position) L/C
: 1 mm
The dimension of the instrument
(Including Table) :
600 (L) X 500 (D) X 1295 (H) mm
28 (L) X 24 (D) X 52 (H) inch

 Specially designed equipment to prepare swatches of
different sizes & designs.
 Sample up to 400mm width & any length can be cut.
 The depth of the sample up to 20mm can easily be cut.
 Supplied with Excellent Quality Blade & cutting Pad.
 Pinking blade tip gives an excellent look of swatches
 Supplied with inspection and calibration certificates.

4. Accessories
1. Main Unit: 01 No.
2. Sturdy Table (Fitted or dismantled Position): 01 No.
3. Special Cutting Mat/Board: 01 No.
4. Double End Spanner (13-13): 01 No.
5. Double End Spanner (10-10): 01 No.
6. The User Manual: 01 No.
7. Calibration Certificate: 01 No.


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