Your go-to source  for premium Insulated Ratchet Wrench in Bangladesh is Corporate Station Bangladesh. For electrical enthusiasts and professionals, these wrenches are a need because they offer efficiency and safety when working on electrical tasks.  These wrenches’ dependable insulation and ergonomic design make them comfortable to use for extended periods of time. When it comes to electrical installations and maintenance, you can count on Corporate Station Bangladesh to supply high-quality, globally-compliant insulated ratchet wrenches. By selecting us as your supplier in Bangladesh, you may improve the quality and dependability of your electrical work. Take a look at our offerings now to see the difference.


Description of Insulated Ratchet Wrench in Bangladesh

Insulated Ratchet Wrench in Bangladesh
Insulated Ratchet Wrench in Bangladesh

Application : 

  • Insulated ratchet wrenches for live working

Features : 

  • Orange reinforced plastic insulation
  • Maximum operating voltages: 1 000 V AC – 1 500 V DC
  • Mechanical locking of the bushing on the square drive
  • Reversible square drive
  • High-quality ratchet function for very fine clamping.

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