A reliable resource in Bangladesh for premium Insulating Wedges With Rope is Corporate Station Bangladesh. These essential electrical safety instruments are made to offer trustworthy insulation for important uses. Our insulating wedges with ropes are a vital component in many different sectors and applications since they are designed to meet the strict electrical safety regulations. They serve as a safeguard to protect workers who are near high-voltage equipment by separating live electrical components from people. Whether you work in manufacturing, maintenance, or the utility industry, our insulating wedges with ropes provide peace of mind so you can confidently complete your job. Examine our offerings right now to put Bangladesh’s electrical safety first and gain from our dependable, superior items. For  Insulating Wedge With Rope in Bangladesh, stay with us.

Description of Insulating Wedge With Rope in Bangladesh

Insulating Wedge With Rope in Bangladesh
Insulating Wedge With Rope in Bangladesh



  • Allows separation/spreading of conductors and cables to facilitate work, without risk of damage to the conductor insulation.



  • Made of reinforced thermoplastic.
  • Wide groove suitable for the most commonly used cable cutters, with a notch to position the cable correctly.
  • 2 cable gauges available with two side notches.
  • Profile without sharp edges.
  • Ergonomic grip and suitable for use with a chisel.
  • Rope: 800 mm.

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