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Description of Essential Kit For Application in Bangladesh

Essential Kit For Application in Bangladesh
Essential Kit For Application in Bangladesh

Application : 

  • Suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles and machines operations.
  • Declined by activity (garage, breakdown service, technical control) or by operation (signalling, PPE, consignment, work in the vicinity or under you, etc.).

Qualifications required :

  • BCL, B1L (assistant) and B2L within the limits of the prerogatives associated with these authorisations.

Composition :

KIT-VEH: Used to delimit and signal the work area. For indoor or outdoor use.

  • 6 balasted boundary posts red and white AL-323.
  • 1 plastic chain with red and white links 25 m AL-31/25.
  • 2 plastic signs. Dimensions 450 x 150 mm. AP-72.

KIT-VEH-PPE: Used for personal protection of the face and hands.

  • 1 Face shield – Arc Flash GS-ET-29: class 1 MO-286 with protective cover M-87384.
  • 1 Pair of short insulating gloves (28 cm), class 0 (1000 V AC / 1500 V DC), size 10 CG-0-10-R-28 with his storage bag CG-36-1.
  • 1 Pair of cotton under-gloves CG-80-H.
  • 1 Pair of short leather overgloves for the mechanical protection of insulating gloves, size 10 CG-984-10.

KIT-VEH-C: Used for Lock-out Tag-out operations.

  • 1 3-sided warning triangle ACA-10.
  • 1 warning sign with suction cups AP-550-M2V.
  • 1 adhesive plastic sign stating the Golden Rules ATP-551/B.
  • 1 satefty padlock PP-6-38-R-Z.
  • 10 safety Tag-Out badges AP-460.
  • 1 LED voltage detector MS-917-PG.
  • 1 IInsulating wedge tool suitable for certain maintenance operations on electric vehicle batteries, especially for disconnection. MO-600.

AT-81: Set of 40 “ACCIDENTAL VEHICLE” labels. Easily removable self-adhesive labels to be placed on the windows and windshields of electric and hybrid accident vehicles.


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