Dispensing small volumes of high purity acids from a bottle safely and reliably, without contamination or waste has always been a challenge. Pouring introduces the possibility of contamination each time the bottle is opened and invariably leads to waste.

Traditional bottle-top pump dispensers are more convenient, safer and cut down on wasted product. However, some of the materials used in construction such as glass and ceramics will leach unacceptably high levels of some elements. In addition, traditional dispensers cannot be used with Hydrofluoric Acid.

Our Bottle-Top Dispensers were developed to combine the convenience of a traditional pump dispenser with the chemical compatibility and high purity afforded by Fluoropolymers.

For applications that require the chemical resistance of fluoropolymers, such as ACS or Technical grade acids (including Hydrofluoric Acid). These dispensers are calibrated and mechanically tested to ensure each unit meets the required volume, precision and accuracy requirements.

Corporate Station Bangladesh has developed Bottle-Top Acid Dispensers in Bangladesh. To know more about Bottle-Top Acid Dispensers in BD contact with Corporate Station Bangladesh anytime.


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