Portable Eye Wash Station

When we are working with chemicals or hazardous things on that time safety of ourselves is very much important. Especially in industry, chemical lab, chemical room, laboratory, pharmaceutical, powerplant, the fireplace where chemical or hazardous things are the main elements there, we need to make sure of our safety. To save our sight we need portable eyewash Station in our workplace.

Corporate Station Bangladesh has brought the portable eye station to save our sight on the eve of a chemical splash. It is used basically to serve first aid treatment in time of an accident. Unicare UPEW 14 portable eyewash machine, user-friendly and easy to handling, water capacity 34 liters and provides 15 minutes of decontaminating water flow. Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of portable eyewash station in Bangladesh.

Product Specification :

Product name: Portable Eye-Wash Station

Brand: UniCare

Model: UPEW 14

Item Type: Eyewash Station

Operation Type: Eye/Facewash

Made in: India

Listed: UL

Certification: CE certified


Features :

  • Portable Eyewash Station operate independently with pull rod and push lever
  • Best quality materials are used to make it
  • High-quality ABS for Atomiser Head and Reception Bowl to control save water and reduce energy cost
  • Basically, use to wash eye or face
  • Portable Eyewash Station can be easily transported
  • Yellow color for High Visibility Atomiser Head and Receptor.
  • Protective flip-flop dust covers to prevent from dust.
  • Protect from alkalies, salt solutions, oils, and most acids.
  • Working can be possible with minimum 2 KG or 30 PSI water pressure
  • Safe steady water flow 1/2 ” BPS supply


How to use

If any kind of chemical irritation feels to eyes then immediately have to take some steps for saving the sights –

  • If chemical splashes in the eyes then immediately going to the eyewash station is the must. Time should not be wasted in this matter.
  • Next step is to push the lever to activate the unit
  • Then need to get your eyes directly in the stream of flushing
  • Try to hold eyes open with your own fingers
  • Then roll your eyes
  • Flush for a full fifteen minutes
  • Need to take off if any contact lenses use
  • Finally, for the preservation of your eye vision seek medical help

To ensure the best quality product at an affordable price to satisfying the clients is our company’s goal. Corporate Station Bangladesh is always beside our clients to fulfill their demands in every possible way. We are ready to give you 24 hours service.

# Portable Eye Wash Station Supplier in Bangladesh

# Portable Eye Wash Station in Bangladesh

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