Cut-resistant gloves are those designed to protect the wearer’s hands from cuts while working with sharp tools. They can be divided into metal mesh gloves, cut-and-sewn, and seamless knitted gloves.

Metal mesh gloves are a form of chainmail and are made of rings of stainless steel. They are typically used in food applications.

Cut-and-sewn gloves can be made using only a cut-resistant material or by using conventional materials with full or palm lining of cut-resistant materials. The materials are cut to shape and sewn into a glove.

Seamless knitted gloves are knitted in one piece by a flat knitting machine. The cut protection is provided by high-performance materials such as Para-aramid (Twaron, Kevlar), HPPE (High-Performance Poly Ethylene, Dyneema, Spectra), special PVA yarns (superblock) or steel-fiber and fiberglass yarns.

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