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Electrical Insulation Mat are generally used for covering the floor
below the control panels.
Our High Voltage Mats are manufactured as per latest Indian
Standard i.e IS 15652:2006 & IEC 61111:2009. The insulating mat that we offer is
mainly used for the safety of workers while installing and operating
electrical equipment because of the possibility of leakage of current.
These Insulating Mats are manufactured using elastomer (latex,
rubber and elastomeric compounds that might be natural,
synthetic or mixture of both) all along with anti-skid aberrations on
the top to avoid slippage and smooth, lower surface. It is available
in 2mm, 2.5mm & 3.0mm thickness depending upon the
working/use voltage. Manufacturer’s Test Certificate is provided
along with the supply.


ISI Marked, ERDA & CPRI Type Tested Insulating Mats.
Tests & Specifications also meet BS 921, IEC 61111, ASTM.
For both A.C and D.C applications.
Di-Electric Strength 65KV (65000 volts).
AC Proof Voltage up to 36KV.
Low-Temperature Resistant.
Acid, Alkali, Diesel & Transformer Oil Resistant.
Flame Retardant.
Good Aging Properties.
High Insulation Resistance exceeding 1100000 MΩ
High Tensile Strength & Elongation Properties.
Leakage Current is less than 1mA.


We recommend that for laying & fixing the high voltage insulating mat, the ground should be
cemented, smooth, free from any pitting & moisture-proof . It should be installed with a
combination of special adhesives, bonding agent and hardener.
It is further recommended that the laying of Electrical Mats should be done by experienced and
skilled persons only.


Ensure that the surface of the floor is free from small pits.
Make the floor dust-free primarily using water and then wipe off all the water with the wiper or some
cloth to make it dust and moisture-proof. Ensure the floor is completely dry and clean before starting
Also, ensure that the pasting side of the mat is dust and moisture-free.
After this apply the *mixture thinly and evenly to the floor and rubber mat using a brush. The application
shall be done thoroughly by spreading the mixture equally to the floor area so that the whole surface
can be dried at once. This can be done by multiple rotations of the brush on the applied area.
After it, let the floor and the mat for drying partly. 10-15 minutes are generally required for drying.
However, the person should check it physically as well because the excessive wet condition affects the
pasting quality.
As soon as the adhesive becomes touch dry both on the floor and rubber mat, the mat is ready to be
pasted on the floor. Press down the sheet in position gently and gradually from one end taking care of
to prevent air from being trapped.
After this, apply pressure on the flooring with a steel roller of approx. 10 kg so as to attain perfect
adhesion b/w the mat and the floor.

WHY and WHERE These Electrical Mats are recommended?

These electrical mats are highly recommended for total safety of workmen from electrical shock when
working in or around the environment like High Voltage Panels, Sub-station, Power Transformer Rooms,
LT & HT Labs, near Busbars, near Control Panels, etc.
Safety from electrical shock is required for workmen whether they are involved in Electricity Generation,
Transmission, Distribution or its use.

Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of Electrical Rubber Mat in Bangladesh. To know more about Electrical Floor Mat contact with us anytime.

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