Product Description
Product HPL chemical resistant laminate
Size 1220mm*2440mm.1220mm*3050mm.
Standard thickness tend to be 12.7mm in general.
Thickness can be customized.
Color black.dark green.Color can be customized.
Advantage easy to be clean and maintained
water and warping resistance
resistant to all kinds of acid and alkali content.
strong resistance to impact. abrasion and heat
chemical resistance
Surfaces For Choice Texture/Matt/Glossy/Embossed Surface

The chemical-resistant laminate widely applied in

1. Laboratory table top  2. nurses’ stations  3. Testing centers  4. Medicine working table  5. Foodservice working table 6. physicians’ and dentists’ examining and treatment rooms 7. pathologists’ workrooms.

Specific Applications
Chemical resistant laminate resistant to all kinds of acid and alkali content.So it widely used for work tops and cabinet surfacing in laboratories.

It is recommended in areas where indiscriminate use of variety of cleaning agents may be used.

Specific applications include laboratory cabinets, casework, counters and tabletops in hospitals, photographers’ darkrooms, beauty salons   and product testing facilities.

Chemical resistant laminate is ideal for nurses’ stations, physicians’ and dentists’ examining and treatment rooms and pathologists’ work rooms. It is also practical and attractive surfacing for wainscoting in any of these areas.


Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of the chemical-resistant board in Bangladesh.



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