Synthetic Hose Pipes are flexible swelled barrel designed to carry liquid from one place to another. These hoses designed are basically based on an alliance of application and performance.  Basically, hoses are of different kinds and made of different fabrics. A  Synthetic hose pipe is one of the types which is mostly used in the industrial sector.

As per the requirements of our valued customers, our Corporate Station Bangladesh has brought Synthetic Hose Pipe for its clients. We are able to provide a specific form of Synthetic Hose Pipe according to our clients’ specification.  Our synthetic hose pipe has extensible power, rustproof temperament, and robust making. Apart from this, it is highly recommended for industrial uses.


Product Description

Product Name: Synthetic Hose Pipe

Product Color: Red

Working  Pressure: High

Bursting  Pressure: High

Fitting: Brass

Flexible: Yes

Durability: Strong

Resistant: Weather, aging, corrosion and ozone resistant

Uses: Industrial Sectors

Certification: CE

Listed: UL listed

Approval: FM approved



  • Innovative design is a remarkable feature of this product
  • It is light in weight
  • It is designed which has corrosion resistance
  • Rustproof in nature
  • It is a sturdy structure in making
  • It has weather resistant as well as weatherproof
  • The synthetic hose pipe is aging resistant and ozone resistant
  • It can give high performance
  • It has the ability to give an error-free performance
  • Premium quality rubber lined jacket hose is also in this design
  • Synthetic EPDM Rubber lining is used which is high in quality.
  • CE Certification has achieved by us
  • It is UL listed
  • FM approval is also taken for this product
  • Male Coupling
  • Female Coupling
  • Spray Nozzle

Corporate Station Bangladesh is an upcoming rising company of our country. We are working simultaneously to give the superior quality products in affordable price and to reach it to our clients. Clients satisfaction as well as to keep the commitment is our main motto. We are always ready to meet the query of our clients. So to avoid any kind of confusion please contact us.


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