Safety Showers are designed to flush the eyes, skin, and body. The eyewash and drench shower portions of the units can be used independently or simultaneously, depending on the type and severity of the injury. Our ANSI compliant emergency showers will offer the protection your workforce needs when working with hazardous chemicals. It’s included an eyewash or eye-face wash in the shower component. We offer the most protection for all parts of the body in the event of a chemical splash. The water pressure and volume must be in compliance for the eyewash and the shower together. Full body shower activated by a triangular pull handle.


Safety Shower SS

County: India

Brand: UniCare

Model: LSES 7/8 CSS 304

 Complete Stainless Steel Body

 High-grade Stainless Steel Atomizer Head & Receptor Bowl.

 Long-Lasting Stainless Steel Atomizer Head & Receptor Bowl.

 Protective Flip-Flop Dust covers for Atomizer Head.

 Protect from alkalis, salt solutions, oils, most acids, and fire.

 Working with Minimum 2KG or 30 PSI water pressure.

 Safe, steady water flow. ½” BPS Supply.

 Foot/Pedal, Push Lever, Pull Rod Operated System.


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