Corporate Station Bangladesh Pegboards provided by Total Lab Solutions, are injection molded from (High-Density PP) recycled polypropylene for structural rigidity, lighter weight, and ease of assembly. Corporate Station Bangladesh pegboards or drying racks are easy to clean, environmentally friendly and eliminates secondary contamination to hanging glassware.

This uniquely designed pegboard is currently available in both Black and Platinum Gray with pearl-gray pegs. To further increase design options, other board sizes and colors for pegboards/pegs will be available upon request based on minimum order requirements and mold changes.

Corporate Station Pegboards feature high mobility and design flexibility. All pegs are front side-mounted and positioned at a 40-degree upright angle and are removable by lifting upward on the face of the board for cleaning or repositioning of pegs to accommodate larger glassware.

For laboratory space saving and better application, there are two optional pegboards:
The first is a back to back system for bench mounting and the second and more universally used is a single system for wall mounting. Each board is accompanied by mounting brackets or connecting brackets for stability for hanging purposes.

For more about Pegboards or drying racks in Bangladesh contact with Corporate Station Bangladesh anytime.

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