Using our Luxury Safety Cabinet In Bangladesh, you may enhance security. Exquisitely designed, these elite safes provide advanced safety for your priceless possessions along with style. Find the pinnacle of fashion and safety.


Description Of Luxury Safety Cabinet In Bangladesh 2024

HE PHOENIX NEXT SERIES is a masterpiece in Design, Security and Fire Protection. Available in a range of stylish modern Oak, Black and White finishes. It also features a slide and hide lock panel for extra security. The safe is ideal for modern office and homes when the need for discrete protection is required.

  • SECURITY PROTECTION – Recommended for an overnight cash risk of £3,000.00 or £30,000.00 valuables.
  • FIRE PROTECTION (PAPER) – Tested to the International NT Fire 017 – 60 Paper standard, providing 60 minutes fire protection for paper documents.
  • LOCKING – Fitted with an advanced high security fingerprint and touch panel lock. The lock can store up to 128 different fingerprints. The clear LED display also makes operating the lock extremely easy. To further enhance security the lock also features tamper lockout, internal alarm, dual control, hidden code and unlimited scrambled code as standard.
  • FIXING – Ready prepared for floor fixing with fixing bolts for concrete supplied.
  • FITTINGS – Each Next safe comes with luxury wooden drawers, with fully lined base to protect your valuables. Additional drawers available on request to suit your own requirements.
  • SECURITY CONSTRUCTION – The safe is locked by 3 way live locking bolts, each bolt 32mm in diameter for extra strength. Strategic points like the lock and bolts are further protected by anti-drill plates.
  • DROP TEST – Fire and impact tested from 9.1 metres for resistance to the impact of falling through the burning floors of a building.
  • COLOUR/FINISH – Stylish door panel in Oak plus slide and hide lock panel. Body finished in a high gloss Black.
  • Supplier – Corporate Station Bangladesh


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