Fire Escape Ladder is a ladder which uses to escape from danger. Nowadays it’s very essential for our life. It’s a product which not only necessary for home but also very necessary for the factory, industry, marine, office and everywhere. People’s life is uncertain. What is be going to happen with us we can’t imagine in the past. That’s why safety is always very important. But in our country, we are not conscious of safety. Fortunately or unfortunately money is more valuable than our life. Rana Plaza tragedy we still don’t forget. Even recently Banani FR Tower Tragedy.

Corporate Station Bangladesh is a Company which introducing with peoples some safety products. It’s not the only business concern but also want to achieve reduce jeopardy rate in Bangladesh.
Safety Rope Ladder is one of those products which is capable of saving our lives from danger. When the fire is being scattered in front us we can easily come down from a building by emergency escape ladder. It’s very useful in our life.

Peoples call it differently by their requirement. Like:
Fire ladder
Safety rope ladder
Escape ladder
Fire escape
Emergency ladder
Emergency escapes ladder
Emergency rope ladder
Home fire escapes ladder
Window ladder
Escape ladders for homes
Fire rope ladder
Portable fire escapes ladder
Emergency fire escapes ladder
Best fire escapes ladder
Ships ladder

Riding on unfathomable volumes of industrial expertise, Corporate Station Bangladesh offering an extensive range of Safety Ladder. This safety ladder is designed under the direction of our experts in fulfillment with the international quality standards using the best quality material. Our safety ladder is available in wooden rungs and aluminum rungs in Poly Propylene ropes. Customers can purchase this safety ladder from us at competitive rates without compromising quality.

• Made out of nylon/PP/ Wire rope
• With wooden or aluminum steps
• The distance between steps is 12”
• Loops are provided at one end
• Length of the ladder is made as per clients requirement
• Heavy Duty Structure
• Light in Weight
• Flint Proof

In Bangladesh Corporate Station  Bangladesh is the supplier of Emergency Escape Ladder. You can get it with good quality and reasonable price.


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