We are in the era of making our tasks easy, comfortable, error-free and also keep concentration to save our time. For this reason, we want and try our best to use the best product but at an affordable price.

To remove the ferrous scrap metals we use Magnetic Sweeper. Magnetic Sweeper is an effective and efficient tool for cleaning a huge or a tiny area of hazardous metal debris. It is also called magnetic broom in another name.  Magnetic Sweeper can clean all sorts of ferrous scrap metals like – iron chips, nuts, screws, meddle, wire nails, barbed wire, stapes and all kinds of metallic garbage.

Corporate Station Bangladesh is always concerned about its’ clients demands. As per the demand of our client, we are supplying the best quality Magnetic  Sweeper. Corporate Station Bangladesh is providing the European Standard Magnetic Sweeper. The features and the uses of this product are amazing.

Products Details:

Product Name: Magnetic Sweeper

SR Series: Magnetic Sweepers have the regular strength with quick release slide

Lifting capacity: It has the lifting capacity of 700 gms

Sweeping Width: Magnetic Sweeper has 13 Inch sweeping width

Compact Storage: It has 40 Inch handle retractable to 27 inches for compact storage

Slide: Simply slide the handle to quickly release the collected scrap

Model: SR 11 models’ handle can be disassembled for even more compact storage

Cleaning Operation: Self

Origin: UK

Assembly: India



  • Conveys strong magnetic plate which has the power to gather any sorts of or number of metallic garbage
  • It is easy to carry
  • There is an extra wide sweep head for fast cleaning up
  • It is very much suitable for enlarging handle. This handle can be adjusted according to height.
  • It can sweep a large number of scrap within a short time

How to use

  • At first from the comfortable height of your, fixes the handle
  • Then can roll the broom over the garbage item which is preferable for you to pick up
  • Then finally use the release button to throw out the sweeping


Corporate Station Bangladesh is the proud provider of Magnetic Sweeper in Bangladesh.  We are always committed to satisfying our clients’ requirements. So for that, if you have any query regarding our services feel free to contact us any time.  We are ready to give you 24 hours services.

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