A Poly-Dolly is a two-wheel multifunctional administering station. It goes about as its very own secondary containment. This Polly-Dolly is also used as portable secondary containment and known as a secondary trolley. The product is basically used in industry for moving oils, chemicals or other liquid substances from one place to another. By any chances, if these liquids leak it stores in the Poly-Dolly.

By analyzing the demand of the customers Corporate Station Bangladesh introduces Poly-Dolly in BD with its customers. Poly-Dolly is also considered as the Spillage Trolley or Secondary Trolley. It is not only used for easy moves but also for ensuring safety in the industrial area.

Product Details:

Product Name: Poly-Dolly

Secondary Trolley

Spillage Trolley

Certification: CE certified (Certificate for Europe)

ANSI (The American National Standards Institute)


Product Overview:

The Poly-Dolly set the business standard for a versatile apportioning station, with exceedingly built highlights intended to improve efficiency. With a protected encased sump, ergonomic structure, and moved grasp handles for simple tipping, administering activities have never been less demanding. The interior sump contains fluid and enables the dolly to at present be transported in the event of a spill. Moreover, it is easy to load, so if it is anything but a Poly-Dolly, it’s most likely only a pushcart.



  • Effectively transport and apportion drum with the Polly-Dolly. This multi-functional, two-wheel dispensing station goes about as its very own optional control.


  • Intense polyethene development can’t rust or erode.


  • Indispensably formed handles for additional quality and simple lifting.


  • Forkliftable from the back.


  • Canvas is intended to fit Poly-Dolly to oppose the impact of enduring and give UV-inhibitors.


  • Built of High-Density Polyethylene texture with an archive pocket for MSDS.


Corporate Station Bangladeshis always beside its customers to give the best quality product at a cheap rate. They believe in the quality of the product for satisfying its valuable customers. To have any query about their services please contact them. They are always ready to help regarding their services.


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