Corporate Station Bangladesh has brought the first ever Chemical Safety cabinet in Bangladesh. 

A Chemical safety cabinet is a surrounded, ventilated lab, research centre workspace for sound working with materials polluted with or possibly contaminated pathogens or combustible requiring a characterized safety level. This safety cabinet is also known as biosafety cabinet (BSC). It is also named as biological safety cabinet, chemical safety cabinet or fire safety cabinet.

Brand: JUSTRITE (USA), SYSBEL (China), DUPERTHAL (Germany).

Certification & Approval: CE, ANSI, FM

Specifications :

  • Individual protection from unsafe stuff inside the safety cabinet
  • Intern protection from tainting of the examples
  • Ecological protection from containments contained inside the cabinet
  • It can reduce any kind of harms at its level best
  • The first ever safety cabinet can protect the stuff inside the cabinet for a minimum of 30 minutes to maximum 2 to 4 hours
  • It can protect the safety cabinet surroundings inside stuff at the time of an accident

The main purpose of the first ever safety cabinet of Bangladesh is to protect the research centre or lab worker from enclosing condition. The exhausted air is purified through a safety cabinet as it removes the harmful substances. It also ensures the sterility of the materials inside. At the time of lab-work, the fire flame can be increased or an accident can be took placed. If we use the fire safety cabinet can be a life saviour for us as well.

Corporate Station Bangladesh supplies the first ever best quality Safety Cabinet at a cheap cost. We ensure its best reliability to clients. To serve the best quality products and to cope with the rhythm of the era Corporate Station Bangladesh always introduce the best quality products for its clients.


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