Our environment is polluting daily by several spills of chemicals, oils, fuels, etc. It affects our atmosphere, land, sea, animal, ecosystem, rivers etc. It is also harmful for human being. We can control this by using some spill control products and also by following the proper procedure of using them. Now, Bangladesh is at high risk of environmental pollution due to these types of spill. The Sundarban of  Bangladesh was very badly hampered by oil spillage during 2014. Spills cause business loss too. It reduces the production level of several companies and causes loss in business. It is too bad for us because we should take the proper steps on the production of products by using proper spill control products. The government has proper policies to be abided by mill owners and they say those spill locations has to be ensured safe for workers by specialists otherwise it can’t be said safe as working place.

“Corporate Station Bangladesh” is a leading supplier of spill control products of Bangladesh. We offer wide range of product availability and ensure good quality of spill control products with affordable price. Chemicals and other things are hazardous for the environment. Here we have different kinds of spill kits like, Cleaning Kit, Biohazard bags, Disinfectants, Masks, Eye protection tool, Shoe covers, Containers, Absorbent materials. These kits can be used efficiently in different spots of waste disposals. They are too affordable for buyers as our company sells the good product with reasonable price and its material quality is also ensured by experts.

Poly-Dolly is a new arrival of our product and it is two-wheeled which can carry transports and dispenses up to 55 gallons, enclosed sump allows for transport after a spill occurs, generous 70 gallons spill capacity, do not rust or corrode, tarp availability to prevent rainwater intrusion. This product is so much useful for spill containment and to ensure the safety of our environment and human being.

Corporate Station Bangladesh is providing Secondary spill Containments or two drum spill pallet & four drum spill pallet, spill kits in Bangladesh with a good reputation. To know more please call or mail us anytime.

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    Shima Datta

    Good item

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    Md. Reasatul Islam

    we used it at my previous company & got best service. Highly appreciated

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    Saleh Uddin

    Very quality products.

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