Fire Resistant Document Protection Cabinet

In the bustling industrial landscape of Bangladesh, safeguarding critical documents and records is paramount. Introducing the Fire-Resistant Document Protection Cabinet by Corporate Station Bangladesh, a solution that ensures the preservation of vital paperwork even in the face of unexpected fire hazards. Engineered with precision and constructed from robust fire-resistant materials,  providing up to half an hours of protection. Its sturdy steel construction, coupled with advanced locking mechanisms, guarantees the security of your confidential documents. With ample storage capacity, adjustable shelves, and a sleek design, this cabinet seamlessly integrates into any office or industrial setting.

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Protect your valuable documents with our fire-resistant document cabinets by name Fire Resistant Document protection cabinet in Bangladesh .Corporate Station Bangladesh offers high-quality solutions to safeguard your important records from fire damage. Explore our range today

Description of Fire Resistant Document Protection Cabinet : 

Product Name: Fire-Resistant Document Protection Cabinet in Bangladesh
Fire Rating: Fire resistant for up to 30 minutes for paper
Locking Mechanism: High security double bitted VDS class 1 Key lock with 2 keys

External Dimensions (HxWxD) – 1950x1250x520mm

Internal Dimensions (HxWxD) – 1810x1135x410mm

Shelves: Includes 4 adjustable shelves

 Additional Features of Fire-Resistant Document Protection Cabinet :

  1. High security 3 way espagnolette boltwork provides great strength and attack resistance
  2. High security double bitted VDS class 1 Key lock with 2 keys
  3. Includes 4 adjustable shelves
  4. Finished in a high quality scratch resistant paint (RAL9003)

Warranty:  2 year warranty
Supplier: Corporate Station Bangladesh

Corporate Station Bangladesh provides Fire Resistant Document Protection Cabinet designed to safeguard your critical documents and data from fire hazards. Our cabinets offer peace of mind, ensuring the security and preservation of your valuable records in any workplace or industrial setting

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