Corporate Station Bangladesh is a reputable provider of safety roller cabinets in Bangladesh, providing an extensive selection of superior storage options to satisfy different commercial and industrial requirements. To provide a safe working environment, these safety roller cabinet in Bangladesh offer a safe and well-organized way to store tools and equipment. They are made to endure the demands of industrial environments and are designed with durability in mind. Corporate Station Bangladesh can provide you with a modest cabinet for a small workshop or a larger unit for a factory floor. Invest in these cabinets to maintain your tools and equipment organized and to improve workplace safety and efficiency in Bangladesh.

Description of Roller Cabinet in Bangladesh


Roller Cabinet in Bangladesh
Roller Cabinet in Bangladesh


  • Roller cabinet for hybrid and electric vehicle operations. Allows to store all the necessary equipment: PPE, locking – signaling equipment and insulated tools in one place.


  • Maximum load: 850 kg (Static).
  • ABS Tray with Metal board and ATP-551-B Sign: “EHV Action Method Based on Golden Rules”
  • 2 drawers: 74 mm height each
  • 2 drawers: 132 mm height each
  • 1 drawer: 272 mm height
  • Storage for boundary posts (up to 6 units Ø 50 mm. Not included)
  • 4 wheels, 2 fixed and 2 steering with brake
  • 100% steel epoxy painted

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