Model No:SYD950
Size:Top D*Bottom D*H(cm):78.5*64.5*104

SYSBEL supply high quality spill control products, protect for the employees and the environment. We have various models for your choice.

This product is applicable to temporary storage and transportation of hazardous wastes (such as flammable, corrosive and toxic substances), and widely applied in secondary packaging, transportation, transfer and spill handling, etc. It is manufactured by one-time rotational molding and can realize 100% spill protection. It also has good toughness. Polyethylene is resistant to UV rays, corrosion and most chemicals. The emergency treatment drum can be nested to reduce the storage space and transportation costs

Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of Overpack Salvage Drum in Bangladesh. To know more about Overpack Salvage Drum in BD contact with Corporate Station Bangladesh anytime.


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