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Surgical Hand Gloves In Bangladesh

The surgical glove is a hand garment that protects your wrist, thumbs, fingers, and hands from contamination. In a word, you can call it the “saviour” as well. It saves you from possible or potentially infectious material.

Basically doctors, healthcare professionals, and patients need this glove to prevent the possible transmission of diseases or viruses during various surgical procedures. Moreover, it ensures a comfortable fit and grip, better precision, sensitivity, and also higher standard. Of course, it keeps you away from various problems that can cause by wearing gloves.

Actually, the primary difference between a surgical and medical glove lies in the standard of quality. Surgical gloves requires to meet a higher level of quality standard. Also, it comes individually packages in pairs and they are sterile also. They also carry a more precise range of sizing.

Nowadays at present medication, the idea of performing the medical procedure without wearing gloves is absolutely unimaginable. It is regular information that their utilization assists with forestalling the transmission of contamination in operation theatres, just as ensuring the specialist and other staff.


Although it was not the common scenario before the late 1800s. At that time, no specialist wore gloves. After the discovery of the rubber, the very first element of the surgical mask made a huge change.

In the late 1890s medical procedure despite everything had a half death rate and contamination caused most of these passings. The greater part of these passings was preventable as specialists didn’t clean hands between methods or complete even the most essential of cleanliness rehearses.

This would all change with the presentation of the utilization of carbolic corrosive to sanitize careful instruments by Joseph Lister. Lister at first utilized the carbolic corrosive to clean compound crack injuries, and the outcomes were very noteworthy, lessening death rates drastically. Prodded on by the accomplishment of his initial analyses, Lister built up a machine that dispersed a fine fog of carbolic corrosive into the working performance center around the careful site. The careful instruments were likewise washed in a similar arrangement. The mix of these germ-free measures brought about an emotional fall in the passing pace of Lister’s careful patients from near half to just 15% in 1870.

The presentation of the utilization of carbolic corrosive would likewise be in a roundabout way answerable for the improvement of careful gloves through a succession of chance occasions.

Another ongoing advancement is the presentation of non-latex gloves. The steady wearing of latex gloves has prompted an expanding pace of latex sensitivity in both clinical experts and patients, and gloves made of non-latex materials, for example, polyvinyl chloride and neoprene have gotten broadly utilized.

The introduction of surgical gloves massively affected the wellbeing of medical procedures and would spare endless lives. Many people start to understand the necessity and effectiveness of these surgical gloves.

By the mid-1900s, all specialists were wearing clean elastic gloves. The primary dispensable latex clinical gloves were produced in 1964 by the Ansell Rubber organization. These gloves were clean disinfected the gloves utilizing gamma illumination and were then discarded the accompanying medical procedure. Dispensable careful gloves are currently the standard in the working room and numerous specialists ‘twofold glove’ when performing methods to diminish the threat of contamination from glove disappointment or cut.


There are mainly four types of surgical gloves that we are familiar with. Actually these four types use four different types of materials to make it. The common surgical gloves materials are-

  • Latex
  • Neoprene
  • Polyisoprene
  • Nitrile


This is the most common material that surgical gloves use. They are non-synthetic rather they are natural in nature. You will able to get the best strength, sensitivity, and comfort from them. It is also able to provide protection against viruses. They offer great elasticity also that you need most while using it. Not only that but also it is durable. So you can use it for a long time without facing any problem. Mostly, doctors and surgeons use these gloves widely for performing minor procedures.

One important thing, you need to keep in mind that avoid the petroleum-based emollients or hydrocarbons while using it. These elements weaken the construction of the glove.


It is another material of a surgical glove. You can call it one of the most popular choices also. They are synthetic in nature. In terms of strength, it offers you the highest and a snug fit too. Moreover, it is waterproof and latex-free. But this one is less comfortable than latex. The elasticity is also not satisfactory.


Polyisoprene comes from synthetic polyisoprene in nature. Basically, they are very similar to latex material. It also provides the same level of feel, fit, comfort, strength, elasticity and sensitivity. But they are the most expensive compared to other surgical gloves that are available in the market. That means undoubtedly, you get the best service from it.


Nitrile gloves are a standard glove for hospitals and emergency personnel. It can give you protection against chemicals or infectious agents. They are chemical resistant, heat resistant, and offers you a wide range of excellent strength.

But if you want to know about the elasticity, sensitivity, or comfort then this one is not satisfactory. The police officers, security guards, housekeepers, factory workers, and veterinarians.can use this as these can fulfill their demand.

The possible problems and avoid techniques

While using surgical gloves you may face some common problems which are mostly skin problems. Like, skin irritation, an allergic reaction or some others.

Don’t worry if you face such problems. They are very normal. To avoid this problem practice a consistent hand care regimen. Also, try to wash your hands thoroughly after removing the gloves.

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