Rite-Hite’s Revolution series fans have set a proven benchmark for premium industrial
fans globally. These high performing fans have been engineered using exclusive design
and smart technology that results not only in desired temperature control keeping
workers comfortable and productivity high but also help with energy efficiency, cost
saving, safety and improved indoor air quality.
Rite-Hite Fans’ unique Propell-Aire™ blade design has a complex contoured shape (tilt,
taper and twist) that varies along its length. It is the shape, not the number of blades
that generates the large volume of air movement needed for an effective HVLS fan.
Maximum air volume is delivered when there is a consistent amount of air movement
across the entire diameter of the fan.
The Propell-Aire blade design is impossible to produce by extrusion. Extruded blades
do not provide as efficient, consistent air movement and they require a greater number
of blades to help compensate. With extruded blades there is an area directly
underneath the fan where you feel little if any air movement. These “holes” exist
because an extruded blade does not move air uniformly across the full diameter of the
fan. These “holes” do not exist with Rite-Hite’s HVLS fans, which is an important benefit
for many applications.
Each blade is attached to the hub in two specific ways. The blade is seated into a
secure position on the hub arm and then locked in with a precision machined bolt that is
torqued to 200 ft-lbs. (271 Nm) (Revolution/Renegade/Revolution 75 & 150 Series) and
75 ft-lbs. (102 Nm) (Revolution 25 Series) for a solid connection.
A vibration-absorbing material is used to reduce the stress by 50-75%. This design has
been used for over 40 years in applications generating more than 10 times the stress of
a Rite-Hite HVLS fan, and allows us to be confident providing the 10 year structural
integrity warranty on the blade-to-hub connection. This connection is critical, because
like the blades of a helicopter, a combination of centrifugal force and air pressure
causes the blades to move upward during operation.

Similar to the tires on your vehicle, Rite-Hite HVLS Fan hubs and blades are
“rotationally-balanced” at the factory. They are ideally suited for your fan application and
will never require adjustment. Rite-Hite's Revolution extruded and milled aluminium hub
(compared to a cast hub) is much stronger because of its design. The initial extrusion is
a solid block of aluminium.
A computer-controlled milling machine is used to precisely remove material, producing
the highest quality component possible. A cast hub is created by pouring molten
aluminium into a mould. It is difficult to regulate the consistency of a casting due to
variances in the materials and manufacturing process. The end result is that a cast hub
is cheaper to produce, more susceptible to cracking, and potentially porous.
All Rite-Hite HVLS ceiling fans have a three-way motor-to-hub safety connection:
1. Hub attaches to motor with a reverse-threaded bolt and tapered aluminium bushing.
2. Safety ring provides back-up motor-to-hub safety connection.
3. Each blade arm is attached to the safety ring.
Proper installation of an HVLS fan is critical to its peak operation. Placement, size,
installation, electrical hook-up, and service after the sale should all be taken into
consideration. Rite-Hite stands behind our products not only with warranties, but with
factory technical support and local sales and service representatives throughout the
lifetime of your product.
Warranties are an important component to consider when purchasing HVLS fans. Rite-
Hite is committed to manufacturing the highest quality product and is supported by the
best installation and service network in the industry.
When selecting a product, make sure to read and understand the “fine print.” Long
warranties may look attractive on paper, but items like troubleshooting, lift rental,
component removal, freight and re-installation costs may not be covered by some
3-Year Parts: Rite-Hite covers the motor and electrical controls for three (3) years from
the date of shipment.
10-year Structural Integrity: Rite-Hite has the strongest blade-to-hub connection on
the market and covers this connection if it fails to perform as designed.

Lifetime on workmanship of blades and hub: The Propell-Aire blades and milled hub
carry a lifetime warranty that covers workmanship and defects.[SE1]
High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans are ideal for industrial and commercial buildings
with high ceilings and for spaces larger than 30,000 square feet — and, yes, you have
Rite-Hite offers a suite of options and customizable add-ons to meet your specific
needs. Our fan models include the Revolution Fan Series, which features a 4-blade
geared motor fan and three 3-blade fans powered by direct drive technology. Not sure
which fan is right for you? We're here to help.
The Original Revolution HVLS Fan
This is Rite-Hite’s original HVLS fan and a straightforward choice for cost efficient
climate control. It’s an impactful upgrade for older facilities or an economic, green
choice for newer facilities. Blade diameters range from 8 feet to 24 feet and just one 24’
fan can cool an area up to 31,000 square feet.
Where do we recommend you use this fan?
Customers use this fan in distribution centres, warehouses and manufacturing plants —
any large facility with high ceilings.
Revolution 75 & 150 Series:
These HVLS fans are a step above traditional ceiling fans because of their direct drive
technology. This allows Revolution 150 and 75 Series Fans to deliver the same cooling
power, but without a geared motor or gearbox area.
The result? An extremely quiet industrial fan that functions without the use of any oil.
Where do we recommend you use this fan?
This fan was designed with installation simplicity in mind, so it’s very versatile across
applications. Fans are pre-wired, factory configured for each application, and cooling
begins almost immediately with standard wireless controls. Customers have deployed
the Revolution® 150 and 75 Series Fan across a number of industries, from large
manufacturing and warehouse facilities to arenas, convention centres, and large retail
Revolution 25 Series:

This is the smallest model of our direct drive fan options and blade diameters range
from 6 to 12 feet. In addition to the benefits that come with quiet, direct drive motors,
this stylish fan design is suitable for any commercial or public space.
Where do we recommend you use this fan?
The Revolution 25 Series was designed to deliver climate control to smaller spaces or
public spaces where aesthetics are important. Customers use this fan in:
 Health Clubs
 Restaurants
 Retail
 Schools/Universities
 Offices
 Food Manufacturing Facilities
 Pharmaceutical Processing Centres
 Hundreds of Other Applications
Helpful addition: Fan-Commander:
All HVLS fans are controlled with the Fan-Commander Control Station and connect
easily into building management systems. The touch screen wireless communication
system allows you to manage up to 24 Rite-Hite HVLS fans from a single location.
Standard Ethernet connectivity allows remote access from a PC or mobile device.

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