Secondary Spill Containment Bangladesh

Secondary Spill Containment Bangladesh

Secondary Spill containment entangles the stand out of dangerous waste to confine the contamination of our soil, water as well as our environment.

By the growth of civilization, we people are very much used to introduce new products, new technology. Like this, our industry has also expanded its area.  It also brings out more and more various products.  These products are continuously affected our soil, water, plants, animal ecosystem to a great extent.

Liquid spills like – chemicals, oils and fuels, sewage etc are intimidation for our environment. When these materials are discharged in the water like river, canals, sea or stream it causes huge damage to human health or ecosystem to the environment. These spills also cause a great business loss.

To prevent these damage, leakages or contamination we should take some precautions. Secondary spill containment can reduce the damage or loss of our industry or environment or to the human being. By using the proper products and procedure of spill pallet we can be able to minimize the risks as well.

Bangladesh is at high risk of this spill damage. Our Sundarban the biggest mangrove forest in the world has been affected by this oil spillage in 2014. This oil spillage has threatened for various rare species of animals.

Our Bangladesh Government is also very concerned about the spill damage as it has already done a great loss in our environment. The Ministry of Environment and Forests has taken some actions for the workers who work in the location of spill containment. For ensuring the safety of our workers and others our government has passed a law where the safety is the first priority in the industrial sectors. Here the government has created a pressure on the industry or mill owner to follow the proper policies and the workplace should go under specialists otherwise it will break the policy of the government. So basically commander of initial containment site and the workers should ensure the workplace’s safety.

The liquid spill like chemicals, oil or other hazardous chemicals has a high chance of polluting the surroundings. For this, the spill should be cleaned up swiftly and efficiently.” Corporate Station Bangladesh ”  a leading company of Bangladesh has introduced us with the Secondary spill containment or spill pallet to reduce the damage of our surroundings. This company provides secondary spill containment or two drums and four drum spill pallet in Bangladesh in reasonable price.

Our company has a wide range of spill control products. It has a number of cleanup kits which can suit your needs. We can also custom the spill kits design as per the customer requirements and that is why we are special and professional for.

Corporate Station Bangladesh has different kinds of spill kits like –

  • Cleaning kit
  • Biohazard bags
  • Disinfectants
  • Masks
  • Hand gloves
  • Eye protection tools
  • Shoe covers
  • Containers
  • Absorbent Materials

All these products are provided by our company at an affordable price. Corporate Station Bangladesh offers a good quality of fiber and HDPE plastic which can meet a number of leakages capacity.  It can meet up leakage capacity up to the clients’ requirements. Though 60 liters, 120 liters, 150 liters, and 400 liters containers are mostly used to maintain the leakage. But our company can custom designs as per clients requirement.

Polly-Dolly is our new additional product which is used basically for ensuring the safety of our environment and human being. This product is very much useful for minimizing spill containment. It is a two-wheeled product which can carry transports and exerts up to 55 gallons. It will not rust or corrode.  It can also meet all regulations of generous 70 gallons spill containment.

Corporate Station Bangladesh has a huge range of products with the best quality and affordable price. We are expert in custom design as per the clients’ requirements. Our design, manufacturing are committed to giving the quality product and product fitness guarantee. Client satisfaction is our main motto. We are always concerned and trying our level best to conciliate our customers. Providing the maximum support and satisfying the demand of the clients is our main objective.

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