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Hand Gloves

A glove is a fabric which can cover the whole hand. Gloves have individuals holsters or sheaths for every finger and thumb.

Earlier the hand gloves are used as a symbol of fashion for the aristocratic families’ ladies. But with the passes of time, the purpose of using hand gloves have been changed.

Nowadays gloves are basically used to defend and ease hands against cold, heat, germs, disease,  damage of grazing or turn to a guard for the unclad hand. These hand gloves are used for various purposes like – health,  safety,  protecting crime evidence.  For riding or for playing guitars and other instruments gloves are used to a great extent. In spacesuit gloves are also used as a symbol of protection.

Hand gloves are usually made of cloth, plastic, knitted wool, rubber, silk,  leather, metal etc. Sometimes hand gloves are used as a dosage of sensitivity and flexibility.

There are different kinds of hand gloves like –

  • Aircrew hand gloves
  • Barbed wire hand gloves
  • Medical hand gloves
  • Rubber hand gloves
  • Leather hand gloves
  • Aluminized hand gloves
  • Chemical hand gloves
  • Welder hand gloves
  • Sports hand gloves
  • Fashion hand gloves
  • Riding hand gloves
  • Cycling hand gloves
  • Foodservice hand gloves
  • Electrical hand gloves
  • Military hand gloves
  • Cut resistance hand gloves
  • Arm sleeve hand gloves
  • Argon hand gloves
  • Latex hand gloves

The working purposes of all these gloves are different from one another.

Hand gloves are very much needed to protect and prevent various unwanted things. In commercial and industrial sectors hand glove is an essential thing for safety purpose or to ensure safety.  In garments factory,  power plant, pharmaceutical, chemical industry,  cement industry hand glove is an obligation to use.

Corporate Station Bangladesh”  is a prominent Bangladeshi company. It is the biggest supplier of hand gloves in Bangladesh.  Our company is very much concerned about the quality of our products. We offer a wide range of quality products as well as standard quality hand gloves in Bangladesh. Corporate Station Bangladesh has varieties in their collection – rubber hand gloves, chemical hand gloves, argon hand gloves,  electrical hand gloves, cut resistance hand gloves are the proof of our varieties. Though the common thing of hand gloves are to protect, purposes of protection are different.

A rubber hand glove is originally made of rubber.  The main purpose of using rubber hand glove is to protect hands from chemicals while performing various tasks involving with chemicals. A quality rubber hand glove can ensure work time safety. It has also ensured reliability, wear and tear resistance, durability, skin friendliness.

A chemical hand glove is designed to ensure chemical protection. Varieties of chemical protection gloves are here to perform the tasks without any hazards –

  • Non-disposal gloves
  • Disposal gloves
  • Unsupported gloves
  • Supported gloves

All these chemical hand gloves are made of different generic materials to control high permeation resistance to gas and water vapors. Nitrile is one of them which is a synthetic rubber copolymer.  It provides good consolation and fit due to its high elasticity.

Mechanical or argon hand gloves which are mainly goat leather gloves and thumb in one piece sewn on the flat of the hand.  This glove is perfectly designed for mechanical works. It ensures safety as well. It is also used as welder gloves.

Latex hand gloves are mainly designed for ensuring medical surgery safety as it has the comfortable wrinkle free fitting. It has extremely soft rubber which can reduce finger fatigue and raise the efficiency.  It is non-sterile and also durable for multiple uses.

Electrical hand gloves help to protect electricians and supervisors against electrical shocks. These gloves are completely shockproof. These gloves have high-quality rubber for its excellent grip. It is also lightweight and high durability.

While working with sharp tools we get injured several times. Cut resistant gloves are designed for superior grip with a snug fit. It can be in various sizes. It is safe and machine washable. It is also designed for comfortable movement.

Arm sleeve hand gloves are considered in sports gloves category though. It is designed for arm cooling sun protection. It is fit for all types of outdoor activities. It has moisture -wicking material,  and also multifunctional for working purposes.

Corporate Station Bangladesh always brings the best quality products for its customers.  It has provided CE approved hand gloves in BD.CE marking which indicates the pursuance of health,  safety etc that is remarkable all over the world.

Corporate Station Bangladesh is very much sincere about the products quality, manufacturing, clients demands. Our company is not only please it’s customers but also offer the best quality within an affordable price. We are always open to answer every question of the clients in the most professional manner. So if you have any query regarding any matter of our services you are always welcome to ask us. We will try our level best to solve the matter.

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