Warehouses and distribution centers have always been dangerous workplaces – and as
businesses especially e-commerce are growing so are consumer expectations for fast
delivery. This adds pressure on fulfillment operations to work more effectively and
efficiently to keep up with the demand.
Even in regular circumstances, material handling is traditionally among the most
hazardous of industrial operations. Forklift accidents are frequent and dock door
openings are a big part of this safety problem, especially in facilities that don’t use
loading dock barriers. This puts forklifts at risk of accidentally rolling or driving off the
edge. It’s a 4ft fall which can be costly and sometimes fatal.
When it comes to protecting people on a daily basis, the traditional yellow line on the
floor is low cost and easy to change, but offers little to no protection for pedestrians
against material handling equipment and does not stop accidents from happening. The
whole plant or warehouse is a workplace, and even the most automated conveyor
system needs safe access. The safety department, the training department and plant
layout need to be involved.
According to data collated by  IndustriALL Global Union , as many as 116 industrial
accidents in the Indian chemical and mining industries that resulted in the deaths of at
least 231 workers as reported between May 2020 and June 2021.
In March 2021, the Union Labour Ministry informed the Indian parliament that at least
6,500 workers lost their lives during the last five years while working at factories, ports
and construction sites. The actual numbers may be much higher as smaller factories
and worksites fail to register accidents and loss of lives.
Poor safety protocols and awareness, inadequate risk assessment and breakdown of
the emergency response of the procedures have been cited as some of the causes that
led to the accidents.
Barriers form a critical part of safety in industrial facilities.
At Rite-Hite, safety is foremost. With premium industrial safety barriers, many accidents
leading to grievous injuries and loss of lives can be avoided by timely intervention and
appropriate equipment in place.

Rite-Hite’s safety barriers are designed with maximum safety in mind, while still offering
design flexibility and access when needed. Each safety barrier can also be integrated
with other barrier products for all around protection.
Vacant loading dock doors are a danger zone inside any facility. Accidents at these 4'
(1200 mm) drop-offs can result in serious injury and are sometimes fatal.
The Dok-Guardian is designed to protect the drop off at an open loading dock. This
barrier provides full access for loading and unloading a trailer and still allow fresh air
into the building when no trucks are present. There are manual and automatic options
available and the ability to interlock the operation with a Rite-Hite Vehicle Restraint.
Separating and defining work areas and walkways and providing drop-off protection for
interior loading and rail docks has long been a challenge for facilities. Warehouse guard
rails help separate and protect these areas, while some even feature movable guard
rails for easy access.
Rite-Hite designs safety barriers with one thing in mind– to protect your employees and
equipment in any environment.
The  SpanGuard Safety Barrier  is a lightweight, retractable and highly visible barrier that
helps you define and separate work zones with ultimate flexibility to be removed, stored,
or relocated. Or when heavy-duty permanent protection is needed, the  GuardRite
Steel  is the way to go.
Blind corners are danger zones. Help protect blind corners and busy intersections
shared by pedestrians and material handling equipment with the Safe-T-Signal®. This
ceiling-mounted warning system alerts workers when traffic is approaching from other
directions using LED lights with red stop signs (octagon) and amber yield signs
(triangle). A high-intensity blue LED signal also projects on the floor of the intersection.
In-plant safety barriers come in a variety of options to suit every need and include the
·      Guardrite Flex
·      Guardrite Removable Handrail
·      Guardrite Retractable
·      Guardrite Steel

·      Guardrite Strap
·     Safe-T-Gate Swing
·     Safe-T-Gate Vertical
·     Safe-T-Gate Signal
·     Safe-T-Vu
·      Spanguard Mesh
·     Sure-Stop
As companies look to maximize existing space within their facilities, many are turning to
mezzanines, elevated work platforms, or multi-level racking systems to create additional
storage space or work areas for employees.
These multi-level work environments allow companies to expand useable floor space
above existing operations. In many cases, expanding “up” is less costly and time-
consuming than expanding “out,” which usually means adding onto existing space,
leasing new space or constructing a new facility while also exposing workers and
machinery to fall off from a height.
While building vertical may have been logistically challenging in the past, automation
has made it not only a viable option but preferred in many cases.
Automated guided vehicles, or AGVs, are now used to improve the speed of products
from the end-of-line equipment to shipping. Additionally, the use of automated storage
and retrieval systems allow machines to remove the need for the bulk of human
interaction by using robotics to move to different levels and pick the products.
That said, there still needs to be access for workers, and that’s why mezzanine safety
barriers are required.
Rite-Hite offers the following two mezzanine safety gate solutions:
·     The  GateKeeper mezzanine safety gate  is a dual reciprocating barrier that works to
create a controlled access area where the inner and outer gates can’t be opened at the
same time. The key feature is a link bar design that allows the outer gate to be open to
allow in pallets while the inner gate automatically closes to keep personnel out.
·     The  RacKeeper  functions similarly to the GateKeeper, but the main difference is
that it utilizes the existing rack structure to minimize the footprint in existing or new

installation rack bays. Perfect for multilevel pick modules, the RacKeeper safety gate
reduces human interaction in the rack bays while still working in unison to prevent the
outer gate and inner gate from being opened at the same time.
As distribution centres and warehouses raise the bar of efficiency when it comes to
keeping pace with consumer demand, the employee safety precautions must be amped
up accordingly. Application-specific loading dock barriers, in-plant safety barriers and
mezzanine/racking protection equipment can provide simple, cost-effective solutions
that can protect employees from life-altering accidents.
These solutions, along with smart control systems, can help minimise risk in the
workspace, enhancing organisation productivity and ensuring employees make it home
safely at the end of their shift.
Rite-Hite has a full line of safety barriers each with impact ratings to help you select the
right barrier for the right application. Your local Rite-Hite representative is trained to
review the layout of your facility and recommend solutions that will help protect your
people, product and equipment.

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