CE Approved Orange Mobile Safety Storage Box

Product Descripsion:

  • Model:WA940102
  • Size:85.5*129*264 cm
  • Certification: 

Product Introduction:

SYSBEL’s mobile safe storage box can prevent these situations from happening.
1, Anti-theft and prying-resistant. The unique design of embedded safety lock can effectively prevent the lock from being prized, thereby preventing the tools inside the box from being stolen;
2, Anti-rust. High-quality industrial coating can prevent the product from rusting in the open air;
3, A reinforced head cover. Reinforce the head cover of the box to prevent it from being pried open;
4, Fine welding. Enables the product structure so that the product structure can be more stable..
5, A pneumatic support frame. Make it easy to open the box;
6, The color is bright and easy to find;
7, Embedded side handle. Easy to move;
8, The applicability is wide. It not only can be used in factories, construction sites and other places and can also be loaded intotrucks for transportation.



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