1. The pallet is used for secondary leak-proof storage of chemical
storage containers to avoid splashing or leaking when the containers are
dispensed or stored. This product is specially used for leakage treatment

of IBC square chemical tanks, and is suitable for preventing spills of mid-
sized containers.

2. The product is suitable for leak-proof packaging, storage, and
transportation of most mid-sized containers.
3. The product is manufactured by 100% polyethylene, which has a
seamless structure and is safe and reliable.
4. The product has a large capacity of 298 gallons (1130 L).
5. The product has the quality of acid-alkali, corrosion and weather
resistance, which can effectively prevent the harm of the leakage of
chemical liquids.
6. The pallet is solid and durable. With the design of the reinforced curled
edge, it has higher endurance, which can prevent collision and crack.
7. The product is equipped with slip-proof and leak-proof grates, which
can be removable and easy for cleaning and transportation.
8. There are supports in the middle of the pallet and the bottom of the
grates, which is safer and more reliable.
9. The stackable pallet design reduces storage space and transportation
10. The product has forklift slots at the bottom, which can be carried by
forklift and pallet jack from 4 directions, making the transportation easy
and fast.
11. The product complies with EPA 40 CFR264.175 standards and
NPDES regulations.

1. Please ensure that the load is uniformly distributed around the grate
or the entire grate surface. If the load is not uniformly distributed, it
is recommended to place wooden support or a wooden board with
enough strength between the grate and the weight.
2. Do not move around the pallet with an IBC drum or other loads on the
3. When there is liquid in the pallet, please transfer the liquid to another
suitable container in time.
4. Clean the pallet and the grates regularly.
5. Handle with care. Violent handling and collisions are prohibited.

1. According to the requirements, choose a suitable flat place
for placement.
2. Place the supports in the middle of the pallet.
3. Place the slip-proof grates and ensure that the bottom
supports fully support the middle of the sides of the grates.

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