Fire-proof and Explosion-proof Battery Safety Charging Cabinet

With the development of science and technology, the use of battery equipment has become the mainstream. In daily life, batteries can be seen almost everywhere, ranging from electric vehicles to small power tools and computer motherboard batteries. Batteries have become an indispensable part of people. Although batteries are generally very safe, they can occasionally catch fire or explode. We often see various safety accidents caused by batteries. From the perspective of safe use, the battery has the risk of fire or explosion, which will bring safety hazards to surrounding people and property. The storage and charging of the battery need to be placed in a safe device, and a reminder should be issued in time if there is a normal situation. The use of fire and explosion-proof battery charging cabinets can eliminate safety hazards.

Product Descripsion:

  • Model:WA550020, WA550022
  • Size:230*600*220
  • Certification: 

Product Introduction:

1. The fireproof and explosion-proof battery charging cabinet is suitable for the storage and charging of various types of power batteries and lithium batteries. Widely used in factories, laboratories, warehouses and other forklift charging storage management places.
2. The cabinet adopts a double-layer steel plate structure, and the compartment is filled with fireproof materials, which has excellent smoldering fire resistance.
3. The cabinet is equipped with explosion-proof axial flow fan for exhaust operation. Effectively dissipates the heat generated by battery charging. Axial flow fan speed: 1450 rpm/min, air volume: 24m/min
The air inlet and outlet of the cabinet are equipped with UL certified fire valves. When the ambient temperature reaches 74°C, the yin fire valve is automatically closed, effectively isolating the fire inside and outside the cabinet.
4. The cabinet is sprayed with multiple layers of anti-corrosion and environmental protection paint, which is resistant to water and alkali, and can be directly placed indoors and outdoors.
5. The bottom of the cabinet is provided with a drain tank, which can effectively deal with the accumulated liquid in the cabinet, which meets the standard requirements of Part 264 of the EPA40 CFR264.175 Environmental Protection Law. And paint the asphalt acid-resistant paint to prevent the electrolyte from corroding the cabinet.
6. An industrial-grade high-precision temperature and humidity transmitter is installed in the cabinet, using Rui + imported sensors and supporting RS485 signal output. In the power-on state, the temperature and humidity values inside the cabinet can be monitored at all times. When the temperature and humidity exceed the set limit value, the explosion-proof sound and light alarm device on the front of the cabinet will give an alarm in time.
7. A high-sensitivity explosion-proof temperature and smoke detector is installed on the top of the cabinet. When the Wen Yanwei detector detects the smoke bag, the explosion-proof sound and light alarm on the front of the cabinet will send out the alarm, and at the same time, the rolling door can be automatically closed to prevent the fire from extending.
8. The cabinet is strictly in accordance with OSHA specifications. The cabinet is provided with an electrostatic grounding conduction port, which is convenient for installing electrostatic connecting wires.
9. Equipped with a battery-specific fire extinguishing system as standard. The system includes an integrated control host module, a fire extinguishing agent pipeline module, a flame detection module, an alarm module, and a temperature detection module. The system has manual and automatic operation conversion functions.
10. The electrical components installed in the cabinet are all well-known brands at home and abroad, which further improves the stability and safety of equipment operation.

11. The explosion-proof monitoring system can be configured as required, and the monitoring screen can be stored locally or connected to the monitoring room for real-time viewing.



* Cabinet size and charging station can be customized
* Fire rating of 90 minutes and 4 hours can be selected at will
* The working voltage of the equipment is optional


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