Description :
A transportable interim anchorage device with aluminium alloy wheels. It can be attached to beams of width 76 to 255 mm.

Wheels : aluminum alloy.
Weight : 4 kg.
Technical specs
Instructions for use:
This product is intended to be used as an anchor point, or along with a shock absorber or a line of self-retracting lifeline to
fall, or a lanyard retainer. This unit must not be used for any use other than a fall arrest anchor.
The device must be systematically inspected:
– In the event of a fall,
– every 12 months,
by the manufacturer or its appointed representative.
Check that the tripod functions correctly before each use. Any missing or faulty parts should only be replaced with genuine
supplied exclusively by the manufacturer.
The test methods described in the standards do not represent actual usage conditions. It is therefore important to study each
work situation and that each user is fully trained in different techniques in order to know the limits of the various devices.
This product is inseparable from a comprehensive fall protection system (EN363).
The vertical clearance is the stopping distance H + additional safety distance of 1 m. The distance H measured from the initial
position to the final position (user’s balance after the fall arrest).

Limits to use:
Do not use outside its area of use defined in the instructions for use above.
It is difficult to define lifetime for this product. It depends on the intensity and frequency of use, on the environment where the
product is used. Such factors as general wear, corrosion, chemical contamination, mechanical deformation, high impact load,
or failure to maintain as recommended will reduce the safe working life. The product has to be checked at least once a year
by qualified personnel (e.g. manufacturer).
Metal products and mechanical products (self retracting fall arrest device, sliding, work on ropes, anchors etc. …) : Maximum
duration of 20 years from the date of manufacture (including storage and use).
Textile products or those containing textile elements (harnesses, belts, shock absorbers etc…): maximum life of 10 years in
storage (from date of manufacture), 7 years after the first use.The shelf life is given as an indication.
– This product must be checked systematically in case of doubt or after a fall and at least every year by the manufacturer or
his authorised representative, to guarantee its resistance and thus the safety of the end-user.
. This product is for the use of one person only.
. This product must only be used by one person at a time. This equipment is for the sole use of people trained, skilled and in
good health, or under the supervision of a trained and skilled person. Warning! Certain medical conditions may affect user
safety; if in doubt, consult your doctor.

Technical Specs

LV130_ – IPN LV130 (YAA-005)

. Before and during use, we recommend that you take every precaution necessary for an eventual safe rescue.
. Check the state of the strap before each use (no cuts in the wires) and make sure that the markings are legible. The strap
should not be re-used if you have any doubts on the equipment state or after a fall.
. During use, take all necessary steps to protect the equipment against any hazards entailed by the operation.
. Avoid use near sharp edges, thin structures or corrosion, for they may affect the product performance. Choose a sufficiently
strong anchor structure (min. 12 kN). The anchor point should preferably be located above the user.
. It is forbidden to add or replace any component of the product whatsoever.
Instructions for storage:
During transport and storage:
– keep the product in its packaging
– keep the product away from any sharp, abrasive, objects etc#
– Keep the product away from sunlight, heat, flames, hot metal, oil, petroleum products, harsh chemicals, acids, dyes,
solvents, sharp edges and structures of small diameter. These items can affect the performance of the fall arrest device.
After use, store the product in its packaging in a cool, dry, ventilated area.
Instructions for cleaning / maintenance:
Clean with soap and water, wipe with a cloth and hang in a ventilated area to dry naturally away from any direct fire or source
of heat, even for items that got wet during use.
Do not use bleach, harsh detergents, solvents, gasoline or colouring, these substances can affect the performance of

Performances :
LV130 is an anchorage device.
Compliance with the essential requirements of Directive 89/686/EEC, in particular in terms of design, ergonomics and safety.
Meets with requirements and test standards EN363, EN364, EN365 and EN795:1996 /A1:2000-class B.


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