Roof diverter use for roof leakage collection in office, warehouse, and other place Prevent dripping from the surface of equipment,
goods or the ground, reduce the loss caused by water leakage, ensure the safety of the environment, goods and personnel safety
The product is a rectangle. There is a hose coupler at the middle bottom, which can be connected with a hose to drain the water to the designated place.
High in the middle and low in the surrounding area to ensure water flow to the concentrated area; The four corners are tied up and equipped with a rope buckle.
Four S-shaped curved hooks are used to connect the rope easily and fix it in the designated position of the ceiling.

1, Roof or pipe leakage, reduce the ground or floor or face the risk of water spread to the lower level;
2, Roof leakage under a large number of goods, which cant move in time, stacked goods will be soaked damage;
3, The roof or pipe leaks in the office area, and the ground is slippery, which is very easy to cause employees to slip and fall. Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of Roof Leak Diverter in Bangladesh.



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