Eye Wash Station

People’s consciousness is increasing with time. The ways to get rid of problems are also enhancing its power. Some of the consciousnesses have become commercial beyond the personal area. Industrial Eye Wash Station or eye washing device is one of them. For having healthy and beautiful eyes, one needs to properly take care of those. There is nothing to say when it becomes a business reason apart from a personal issue.

Suppose you are working for the garment industry. Your eyes are getting affected by bacteria, poisonous chemicals and industrial dust and dirt during your duty hours. And because of these, you can start growing cataracts, low vision eyesight, and many other problems. So Industrial Eye Wash Station is very much needful for you.

Another important point is Bangladesh made garment and pharmaceutical products are very much popular around the world now. Every year Government earns a lot of foreign currency from these two types of industries. At present all foreign buyers are also concerned about the health and safety awareness of labors apart from the products’ quality. So with other safety measures, the foreign customers are focusing on the use of this eye washing device for labors. Hence Industrial Eye Wash Station is going to become a business booming product of the market.

Keeping in the mind the requirements of this commodity, Corporate Station Bangladesh have brought an international standard ISO certified Industrial Eye Wash Station or eye washing device, in Bangladesh market, which is designed by using high-grade equipment and latest technology. It is very user-friendly. By bringing this device which is also easily installable in any environment. Corporate Station Bangladesh has become able to meet the requirements of customers successfully. This is already proved by installing in many famous industries around Bangladesh.

Corporate Station Bangladesh offers you two types of Emergency Eye Wash Station or eye washing device.

1) Pedal Type Eye Wash Station

2) Hand Push Eye Wash Station

Apart from Industrial Eye Wash Station, as well as placing an Industrial Body Wash or another device for washing body of labors in industries is currently creating the increase in foreign customers to industrial field of Bangladesh. This Industrial Body Wash will clean your body by spraying water from every corner. This is very essential in industries like Chemical, Textile, Cement, Spinning etc.

Corporate Station Bangladesh is installing such devices in industries for many years with reputation. Corporate Station Bangladesh believes in quality, not the quantity. Cooperation is its main business.

Corporate Station Bangladesh is a professional supplier of Eye Wash Station in Bangladesh. Corporate Station Bd is providing very quality full Eye Wash Station & Safety Shower with International Certification.

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