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A safety shoe is a firm creature for ensuring the safety of the foot to protect from any kinds of hazardous things or compression.  It is also known as a safety boot. Basically, in the construction or the logistics industry or in the industrial settings the safety shoe is a must wearing items where hazardous objects, chemical splashes are the main ingredients in the workplace.

Because of the high stability, absolute quality and elevated ease these safety shoes are in high demand not only in the construction sector but also in the logistics sector as well. It is also named by Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE)

Traditionally safety shoes are made of steel but it can also be made of compound ingredients like – Thermoplastics Polyurethane (TPU), aluminum or high-quality leather. Modern techniques with the finest quality materials are maintained to manufacture safety shoes.

Nowadays Safety footwear comes in numerous styles like – sneakers, clogs, boots etc. In this safety items, some are designed as formal for the site visitors where safety shoes are very mandatory.

Corporate Station Bangladesh offers the Safety Shoes at the wide range to ensure the safety in the workplace. It is manufactured by following international standards.

Safety shoes are mainly compatible with the damp environment. In the construction area to prevent toes from getting foot injuries on account of heavy declining, sharp pointed edges, rolling objects, slippery ground, pinch points splinters, electric resistance due to electric shock, chemical hazards, penetration or even from fatality. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) claims the employees’ safety in the workplace that is not assured of indemnity.

When performing a job wearing Safety Shoes BD can reduce or prevent injuries.

Falling and flying objects can be prevented

Workers who work with heavy materials and the types of machinery or with the other equipment are performing at once, falling and flying objects are the common hazard things for them. Safety shoes Bd can help here by protecting them from this matter.

Punctures can be prevented

Sharp objects can be stuck on foot at the time of working. Safety Shoes can help in this regard by providing enough protection of foot.

Shield from cutting hazards

The sharp hardware or containing moving parts can present cutting perils. Laborers in the logging business, for instance, confront risks from cutting materials. Safety shoes can be used as a shield here.

Comfort for extreme climate

In the extreme winter, feet can be injured for the cold or diseases can be happened.  Such disturbance on the workplace can be prevented through Safety Shoes.

Anticipate consumes

Safety shoes are also used to prevent burns. In workplace consume from the flame can occur. Safety footwear can help from this flame.

Shield for electrical hazards

Power represent an assortment of dangers in the working environment. Laborers can be confronted with potential electric stuns which can be prompt as electric starts in some specific condition. To diminish the odds safety shoe is a must.

Savings from the unwanted accident

Slips, outings, and falls can occur in any work environment and reset in numerous mischances every year. Legitimate footwear can give extra insurance against slips, excursions, and falls. Shoes with fitting footing can help from this as it can enhance balance which will help anticipate, slips, outings, and falls.

Avert fatigue

For the specialists who stand throughout the day particularly on hard surfaces like solid can have a severe problem like fatigue. As they have to stand for a long time muscles have gone through the worst situation, for them, Safety shoe is a must. An appropriate sole of footwear can prevent this fatigue problem.


Corporate Station Bangladesh supplies the Honeywell Brand, Mallcom Brand, Kings Brand, Caterpillar brand shoes. These brands of shoes are of good quality with one year warranty.  Corporate Station Bangladesh always try to maintain the quality of the products without any comparison.


Details of the products are mention here:

Product Name: Safety Shoes

Brand: Honeywell Brand, Mallcom Brand, Kings Brand, Caterpillar Brand

Use in: Construction sector, Logging sector, industrial settings

Warranty: One year

Listed: UL (safety organization)

Certification: CE (Certificate for Europe) & ISO

Corporate Station Bangladesh is always in your side to give its customer quality service at an affordable price. So contact with us for any query related to our services. We are always sincere in giving our customers the best services.

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