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Spill kits are the collection of absorptive materials, cleaners and chemical neutralizers used to take on spills in an industrial setting. These are basically designed for a fast response to spills in the workplace. We can say that spill kit is designed for the cleanup effort which is an efficient and cleanup kit so far. A mix of spill containment devices, absorbents, and protective wear are included in a spill kit.

In some specific places, spill kit is a legal requirement especially if dealing with biohazards. In workplaces like – chemical laboratory, pharmaceutical industry or in industrial workplace where hazardous stuff such as chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and coolants can cost a serious safety problem. To ensure the safety of industrial workplaces Corporate Station Bangladesh has brought Spill kits for ensuring the safety of lab, industrial workplaces or some others where liquid chemicals are used to a great extent.

There are three genres of spill kits available in the market. Such as-

§       Chemical Spill kit

§       Oil Spill Kit

·       Universal Spill Kit

 Chemical Spill Kit –

Chemicals are always used in the chemical lab or small or large scale in pharmaceutical and other industries. While dealing with these liquid chemicals, there is a high chance for the chemicals to be spilled out, which can be so detrimental to the people as well as the surroundings. For avoiding these, UF policy has declared all chemical labs to control liquid materials in the eve of chemical release. Though control of chemical spill kit is highly dependent on the types of chemical stored in the lab. Chemical spill kit can reduce the risk factor and can ensure a better or risk-free workplace. The main purpose of using chemical spill kit is to ensure that any hazardous chemical should be cleaned up appropriately. In a chemical spill kit, these basic items are needed to be included –

·         Spill control pillows

·         Acid neutralizer shaker

·         Caustic neutralizer shaker

·         PH paper

·         Dust pan

·         Brush

The contents of a spill kit can be vary depending on the size of the spill kit. A trained lab worker is also be needed to help the others and give them some basic lab knowledge.

 Oil Spill Kit –

The best way to tackle an oil spill problem is to use an oil spill kit. An oil spill kit comes with the necessary items to counteract and thwart the spilled oil from creating unexpected effects on the floor and in case of water, spreading to a wider range and contaminating the water. It has to be noted that in a small office or home where oil is used also are not in the need of oil spill kit but in major oil, spillages place oil spill kit is the most needed item. Oil spill kit is must be needed to prevent spreading and circulating of oil spillage. In every oil spillage, oil spill kit is the final answer from preventing. It can reduce problematic issues which are related to oil spillage. Oil spill is likely an accident, which cannot be averted but oil spill kit is knacky which can prevent the accident.

The containing equipment of an oil spill kit can be vary depending on the size of spill kits. In small spill kits, it contains –

·         Gloves

·         Sorbet

·         A container to collect the cleanup material

·         A large spill kit should contain the following

·         Protective clothing for two people at least two people suit gloves protection covers.

In the time of oil spillage, an oil spill kit can reduce the loses and can also ensure the safety.

Universal Spill Kit –

The universal spill kit is a unique spill kit with dual functions working both liquids as chemical spill kit and oil spill kit. These universal spill kits are also known as general purpose spill kits. These absorbents matters are mainly color-coded grey for easy identification.

Universal spill kit can easily soak up all liquids, coolants, blood, oil, fuels, acids, bases and all types of water-based chemicals. The universal spill kit generally includes all the popular absorbent products for cleaning up spills of oils and for rapid response for clean up.  The compact absorbent kit is also contained in the universal spill kit.

Spill kits are one of the most essential items for our industrial workplaces. It has come to a comprehensive range of sorts to serve for different purposes.  These are considered by some to be a more eco – friendly solution than using absorbent spill kits that have a very small capacity require disposal after use and do not permit recycling of the spilled agent. Chemical handling and oil transfer companies all over the world are deploying spill containment bladders and valves that can be retrofitted to existing drainage systems in just a few hours.

If an accident occurs on that time paper towels or clothes cannot soak up all of the liquid at full extent. A proper spill kit can reduce the risk of any big accident.

So whether the chemical spill, oil spill, universal spill or other liquids a proper spill kit can ultimately help the workers or the other people from risk factors. And it also helps to protect your business from risk.


Corporate Station Bangladesh is a well-known professional supplier of spill kits in Bangladesh.  Corporate Station Bangladesh with the pledge to provide standard quality has been selling spill kits in Bangladesh market for years. Our main objective is to satisfy the customers’  demand and provide with maximum support.

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