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A water flow meter is a device which is used to measure the volume or mass of the water or any liquid. This water flow meter is known as various names. Such as- Water flow gauge, Water flow indicator, Liquid meter, water sensor, etc. Though they are called by a different name the work is the same as measuring the flow of the water or liquid. Our Corporate Station Bangladesh has imported this Magnetic water flow meter for our country. In the industry, it is used in a wide range to meet up the necessity for its customers. Mainly the Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter and the Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter are introduced through our company.

Water flow meters are basically used to measure the accurate flow of the liquid or water. That means exactness stream meters are utilized to give precise observing and additionally stream control. Some modern applications require exact estimation of amount, for example, precision servo-valve improvement for the aeronautic trade. Then again, an application to gauge water stream to a vineyard may just require an estimation exactness of 5% to 10%.

The water flow rate can be estimated in meters cubed per second (m3/s), or in litres per second (L/s). Litres are increasingly regular for proportions of fluid volume, and 1 m3/s = 1000 L/s.

There are various types of water flow meter and all these kinds are classified through different standards like-

  1. Volume
  2. Mass
  • Velocity


The flow meter which directly measures the actual volume of the water is known as a volumetric flow meter or PD meter. The output signal of this meter is directly connected to the volume passing through the meter and it includes gear, oval gear, helical gear, reciprocating piston and rotary piston.


The output signal is straightforwardly identified with the mass going through the meter. Thermal and Coriolis stream meters fall into this class.


The output signal is straightforwardly identified with the speed going through the meter-

  • Electromagnetic
  • Ultrasonic
  • Turbine, Propeller, and Paddle Wheel
  • Vortex Shedding
  • Target
  • Variable Area and Rotameter
  • Orifice Plate, Open Channel, Flow Nozzle, Laminar, Venturi, and Pitot Tube

There are no all-inclusive flow meters which are reasonable for all applications. Choosing the best possible innovation for your application requires composing a flow determination which covers the utilization of the meter. There are normally exchange offs with each meter type, so realizing the basic details will be significant.


Electromagnetic Flow Meter:

An electromagnetic flow meter is a transducer that estimates liquid stream by the voltage initiated over the fluid by its course through an attractive field. An attractive field is connected to the metering tube, which results in a potential contrast relative to the stream speed opposite to the transition lines. The physical guideline at work is electromagnetic acceptance. The attractive stream meter requires a leading liquid, for instance, water that contains particles, and an electrical protecting channel surface, for instance, an elastic lined steel tube.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter works under the standard of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction to quantify fluid speed. Following Faraday’s Law, attractive flow meters measure the speed of conductive fluids in channels, for example, water, acids, harsh, and slurries. Arranged by use, attractive flow meter use in water/wastewater industry, compound, nourishment and drink, power, mash and paper, metals and mining, and pharmaceutical application.

The electromagnetic flowmeter is relevant for every conductive fluid. Regular applications are checking accurate estimations in fluid, metering and custody move. Can show both momentary and total stream, and supports simple output, correspondence output and hand-off control capacities.

If the magnetic field bearing were steady, electrochemical and different impacts at the terminals would have the potential effect hard to recognize from the liquid stream prompted potential distinction. To relieve this in current attractive flowmeters, the attractive field is continually turned around, counteracting the electrochemical potential contrast, which does not alter course with the attractive field. This anyway forestalls the utilization of changeless magnets for attractive flowmeters.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter:

An ultrasonic flow meter is a kind of flow meter that estimates the speed of a liquid with ultrasound to ascertain volume stream. Utilizing ultrasonic transducers, the stream meter can gauge the normal speed along the way of a radiated light emission, by averaging the distinction in estimated travel time between the beats of ultrasound engendering into and against the heading of the stream or by estimating the recurrence move from the Doppler impact. Ultrasonic stream meters are influenced by the acoustic properties of the liquid and can be affected by temperature, thickness, consistency and suspended particulates relying upon the accurate stream meter. They fluctuate extraordinarily in price tag however are frequently economical to utilize and keep up on the grounds that they don’t utilize moving parts, not at all like mechanical stream meters.

Ultrasonic flow meters are generally connected to quantify the speed of fluids that enable ultrasonic waves to pass, for example, water, liquid sulfur, cryogenic fluids, and synthetic concoctions. Travel time structures are additionally accessible to quantify gas and vapour stream. Be cautious since liquids that don’t pass ultrasonic vitality, for example, numerous kinds of slurry, limit the entrance of ultrasonic waves into the liquid. In Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters, murky liquids can restrict ultrasonic wave entrance too close to the pipe divider, which can corrupt precision as well as cause the flowmeter to neglect to gauge. Travel time ultrasonic flowmeters can neglect to work when an obscure liquid debilitates the ultrasonic wave to such a degree, that the wave does not achieve the collector.

The industries arranged by higher to lower be oil and gas, water and wastewater, control, substance, nourishment and drink, pharmaceutical, metals and mining, and mash and paper.

Turbine Water Flow Meter:

Turbine water flow meters utilize the mechanical vitality of the fluid to turn a rotor in the stream. The rotational speed of the rotor is legitimately relative to the speed of the liquid going through the meter. This flow meter is best for clean water only.

Vortex Shedding Water Flow Meter:

A vortex shedding flow meter is a stream estimation gadget which is most appropriate for stream estimations where the presentation of moving parts presents issues. Vortex stream meters work under the vortex shedding rule, where swaying vortexes happen when a liquid, for example, water stream past a bluff (rather than streamlined) body.

Target Flow Meter:

Basically, a target flow meter is a fluid, steam or gas stream meter. The power of the liquid is detected on the objective in the stream utilizing a hermetically fixed strain gage. Target meters are connected in various fields for estimation of fluids, vapours and gases. They are particularly helpful for estimating substantial thick, messy or destructive liquids.


Before purchase, the water flow meter for your industry or for a big investmenthas a clear concept of the technology used in the flow meter and which is more accurate to your company. Then take your decision. Corporate Station Bangladesh can help you in this regard with the quality product at an affordable price.

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